KINDOM’s Exclusive 2018 Summer Collection


Designer Claire Powers is bringing meaning and purpose back into the fashion world with her sustainable, eco-friendly fashion line KINDOM. 

Claire introduced her exclusive limited summer collection on Thursday, July 19 at a Summer Soiree pop up event held at the chic Downtown LA boutique Alchemy Works. Continuing with the brands commitment to the betterment of the environment and humanity as a whole the proceeds raised at the pop up event went to benefit the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which works to end the destruction and slaughtering of the ocean’s wildlife.

KINDOM prides itself on using organic, recycled and plant-based materials like organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, Tencel and recycled polyester. Not only are the clothing items sustainable and compostable, but the packaging and bags are also as well. In a nod to 90’s fashion, the latest collection re-imagined popular styles like baby doll tops and dresses, embellished denim, wide leg patchwork pants, and casual maxi dresses all with the importance of versatility and sustainability in mind. KINDOM is proving that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or fashion while improving the world around you.

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