Dive into Splash Night at the W Hotel

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With the summer in full swing, and LA’s great weather all year around the W Hotel in Hollywood is leading the Friday night fun this summer with it’s weekly Splash Night Fridays. Splash Night kicked off the fun on the hotel’s rooftop June 16th and the festivities continue all the way to September 9th. This isn’t just your simple rooftop party with a great view it is also fully stocked with specialty cocktails, A-list DJs, a dance floor, and surprise performances. Each week’s theme this year is based on a famous beach or hot vacation spot from around the world. So if you’re not going on vacation this summer no worries Splash Night has got you covered.

What sets Splash Night apart from other events you’ll find this summer in Hollywood is the attention to detail the staff puts into planning things each week. From making sure each week’s theme is perfectly executed for guest upon entrance to the amazing cocktail menu that feature some of the hottest spirits from around the world as well as some refreshing non-alcoholic rinks. Bulldog Gin is among one of the alcoholic spirits on the menu that is making an impression on guest this year. Gin is an already popular favorite in the European cocktail scene that is slowly making a name for its self in the states as well. Splash Night’s signature cocktails French 75, #SplashNight VIP, and French Tuesday put a fun and refreshing spin on gin. But if gin isn’t your thing Splash Night also offers Canard Duchene Champagne, VieVite Rose Wine, and low calorie cocktails by SlimChic.

So join the festivities with Splash Night this summer and take part of one of summer’s best rooftop parties. It’ll be your Friday staycation away from it all.

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