Face Haus Opens At USC Village


With summer coming to close and fall quickly approaching one thing is for sure after catching all those summer rays your skin is in need of some tender love and care. What better way to give your skin that much needed refresh then with Face Haus. Since its launch in 2013 Face Haus has quickly become the go to for ‘Facials for the People.’ It’s your one stop shop for getting quality luxurious facials for a price that doesn’t drain your bank account. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to pampering I’m all in especially if its keeping my skin glowing and looking its best.

From West Hollywood, Santa Monica, the South Bay, to the newest Face Haus location at the USC Village this growing company is making the world of spa facials approachable, affordable, and attainable to everyone. Face Haus doesn’t only cater women, but men as well who account for 30% of their clientele.

image006Former Bachelor cutie, Nick Viall joined Face Haus for the grand opening of their newest location at USC Village. While at the opening he was treated to his very first facial and instantly became a fan of the process and couldn’t get over how relaxing and pampered he felt.

Whether you need your skin glowing, exfoliated, calmed down from a pesky break out, or a quick pick me up for your eyes, lips, or pores Face Haus and their team of experts have a solution for you. So gift yourself some me time and get your skin at its best before the fall, and holiday season come in full blast with all its parties and photo ups.



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