QMS Breaks Into The American Skincare Market


Europe’s best kept skincare secret has official made it to America. QMS Medicosmetics arrives in the United setting a new standard in the industry for those demanding results-driven formulas that are proactive and healing. Since 1994, discerning Europeans have turned to Dr. Erich Schulte, a trauma specialist and cosmetic surgery surgeon, for skincare and spa procedures that perfectly bridge luxury with clinically proven and effective results.

Cleansing Routine

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It makes up more than half of the total volume of protein found in the skin and is what makes it strong, thick, supple, and smooth. It also gives skin its structure and contributes to 60 percent of the skin’s moisturizing processes.

“Collagen is the main component required to support the skin’s health, giving it the firmness and elasticity,” says Rowan Hall-Farrise, International Educator at QMS Medicosmetics. “Collagen is something we are all looking to replenish for a vibrant, youthful glow.”

QMS_STORY_KW14_0407_03QMS Medicosmetics is changing the game with its skincare line. Hero products in this line are effective, and truly transform the skin. The collection includes Collagen Recovery Day & Night Cream, an intensive daily moisturizer that helps to boost skin’s hydration levels as well as increasing firmness and luminosity, leaving skin feeling more comfortable and supple than ever before. There are also 3-Step Routine anti-aging skincare systems for different skin types. The collagen 3 step system helps improve hydration by 245% in just eight weeks.

QMS has an internationally renowned reputation by making skin-identical collagen a primary focus in med-spa and at-home skincare. This type of collagen absorbs into the skin creating longer lasting results and does not deteriorate. QMS uses a patented and exclusive delivery system and Neotech A15 technology to reintroduce collagen to protect your natural skin barrier.

Other star ingredients found in the line include:

• Niacinamide, to help maintain the skin’s protective barrier as well as reduce the appearance of any inflammation.

• Biomimetic Placenta 5 growth factors – a synthetic ingredient mimicking the placenta, to improve elasticity, reduce wrinkles and boost the skin’s moisture levels.

• Red Clover Extract to reduce wrinkle density and renew the skin matrix to help address any thinning of the skin.

The now retired Dr. Schulte saw the future of skincare as being interlinked with the development of modern technologies used to transport the ingredients deep into the epidermal layer. Every QMS Medicosmetics allows you to experience powerful, intelligent skincare formulations based on science that makes you feel good when you apply them, while they are working and when you see results beginning to happen.

327 QMS_0987_SmallerToday, nearly 600 top tier spas and Clinics around the world have exclusive arrangements to feature bespoke treatments and products, including the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the Stanglwirt in Austria and the Mandarin Oriental hotels in Bangkok, Thailand and Lake Como, Italy. As of August 1st, skincare connoisseurs in the U.S. committed to following the science and determined to have medical-grade skincare at home will have access to QMS Medicosmetics.

QMS Medicosmetics is the skincare brand to watch out for it is not only effective but is revolutionizing the skincare industry. Now that QMS Medicosmetics is officially in the America you will be seeing it working its magic especially on some of Hollywood biggest stars whose teams are always looking to keep them youthful and effervescent.

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