About Us

Our Story

In 2010, Frances and I found ourselves on opposite sides of the countries. As sisters who grew  up sharing a room together for most of our lives, this was difficult. Frances was at USC studying broadcast journalism while I was at NYU for photography. We often joked about how we could put our talents together and start a business.

After our first year living 3,000 miles apart, we realized- this idea isn’t really a joke. We had always shared a love for all things entertainment- movies, tv, music. Having a project to work on together was an easy way to stay in touch. So, Hollywood Times Square was born.

Initially, Hollywood Times Square was mainly a hobby. It was an easy way for us to share what we were doing with each other. We didn’t necessarily care if anyone read what we were posting, we were just glad to have it live online somewhere. But, the more we posted and told our friends and family what we were doing, the more we realized we were onto something bigger.

Our goal isn’t just to deliver entertainment news, it’s to deliver something personalized that informs people while also showing off our bond. We include a little bit of our personality into all our stories and we encourage our writers to do the same.

Having so many different perspectives in one place has allowed us to cover very diverse topics. In past few years we’ve covered the L.A. Film Festival, the AFI Film Festival, several fashion shows, we’ve interviewed A-list celebrities, and have been on the pulse of music’s up and comers (such as Echosmith, James Bay, and Shakey Graves).