Honor Society at San Diego County Fair

Honor Society playing at the San Diego County Fair

Honor Society playing at the San Diego County Fair

By Rosemary Vega

I’m already an Honor Society fan, so I knew that the majority of the audience would be young teens, but I was surprised to see even younger girls and many parents in attendance, although that could have also been due to the fact that Mitchel Musso, from Hannah Montana, was sharing the stage later that evening. Having said that, I felt really awkward watching these young girls listen to Honor Society’s music. Many of the lyrics are very, well, um, mature for the girls at the show. You’re not fooling anyone with “Walk across my room in nothing but the moonlight,” (See U in the Dark).

Regardless, Honor Society delivered, as always, a very energetic set. Singer Michael Bruno, when not playing his guitar, danced and ran around the stage interacting with the rest of the band and the audience. But especially captivating, was drummer, Alex Noyes. Drummers don’t normally steal my attention, but it’s hard not to notice Alex. He knows how to engage with the screaming girls, pointing and lip syncing to girls in the audience. You can’t help but watch him.

While many artists sound better on CD than live, Honor Society is the opposite. Their cd, Fashionably Late, comes off very “pop,” but on Tuesday, they changed up the songs just slightly, giving them a more alternative sound. I kind of wish the songs had been recorded the way they were played. And yes Michael, we all heard you say “All the shit you put me through” instead of “things” in the song, “Full Moon Crazy.”

My only complaint? Stay away from the slower songs like “My Own Way” and “Don’t Close the Book.” Although the songs are cute, the faster, energetic songs like “Here Comes Trouble” and their single “Over You” are what make Honor Society stand out, and what kept me entertained throughout the set.

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