The Cab @ H Wood

The Cab (creative commons)
By Rosemary Vega
Buzznet, The Sims 3 Ambitions, and The Cab teamed up Wednesday the 23rd for a private event, which Hollywood Times Square attended. The event was at a small club located on Hollywood Blvd, H.Wood.

There were free drinks, free candy and sweets, a free photo booth picture (I was the fashionista, Frances was an investigator).
But, most people were there for the free The Cab show. Before they went on, I ran into lead singer Alex Deleon and asked about any plans for a new CD. He told me that it would be out later this year, but they were hoping to release a single within the next month. So make sure to look out for that!
The intimate setting of the club was a good idea, in theory. The band didn’t play on a stage, so only the people in the front could see anything. We were unfortunately stuck behind a huge guy, but that’s a different story. The band opened with their song “Risky Business,” and sang fan favorites “I’ll Run,” and “Take My Hand.” They surprised the audience by playing “That 70’s Song,” which isn’t normally played, and a new song called “Locked Up,” (perhaps the single Deleon was talking about?). The set ended with “Bounce,” which Deleon said “is about sex.”
I understand that it must be hard to move around in a small space, and probably pretty awkward to be at eye level with your audience, but I felt like the band could have done so much more. Alex Deleon was running around as best he could, but the energy in their music seems to require more room to move. Although they sounded great, I couldn’t help but want to see something more from them. Maybe some more interaction with each other, some smiles from the rest of the band, or something more than just “thank you”?Check out more videos on YouTube

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