REVIEW: Honor Society at the Bowery Ballroom


Clearly, I’m a fan of Honor Society. I’ve seen them perform countless amount of times, and last night (November 13, 2012) reminded me why I keep going. The band began with “Empire State of Mind”- which is only appropriate since it was at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. The band began with high energy, and maintained it throughout the show.

The band played songs from their debut album “Fashionably Late”, as well as songs from their ep “A Tale of Risky Business.” After a surprising cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City,” Honor Society played “Living a Lie” which had an incredible instrumental ending that truly showcased each members talent. The boys played a song called “House on the Hill” off their new ep “Serendipity,” (WHICH WAS GIVEN OUT TO EVERYONE…FOR FREE!!!), before covering a bit of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.” “Hurricane” was slowed down and I was, as always, impressed with Michael Bruno’s smooth, velvety voice (really, only way to describe it). The band ended with a mash up of “Smells like Teen Spirit/99 Problems” and their own song “Nobody Has to Know.” Yep, that really happened. They left the stage, and quickly came back for an encore, “Wherever You Are.”

As always, all four of the guys (Michael Bruno, Andrew Lee, Alex Noyes, and Jason Rosen) had incredible stage presence, really putting all their energy into giving a good performance. Their energy is infectious, and you really cannot not have fun at one of their shows, which they like to call “parties” anyway. (Accurate). The covers, which also included Prince’s “Purple Rain”, not only allowed people who aren’t too familiar with their music to enjoy the show, but showcased their knowledge and passion for music in general. After the show ended, the boys invited all their fans to the after party at Idle Hands bar via Twitter. A great band that likes to have a good time with their fans? Honestly, what’s not to like about Honor Society? (SEE WHAT WE DID THERE?)

If you live on the east coast you can catch them this week: November 15 – The Note – West Chester, PA & November 16 – The Space – Hamden, CT.

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