VI Peel Transforms Skin In the Best Way


Summer is coming in full swing, which means between the beach trips and outdoor music festivals, our skin will be enduring its fair share of environmental damage. We all love soaking up the rays, but let’s be honest, we don’t want to see those damaging effects in 5 years. We all want to hold onto that youthful fresh looking skin for as long as we can. One of the secrets to helping us hold onto our youth has been discovered with VI Peel.

20150301_111859So what makes the VI Peel so different from other chemical peels on the market? For starters, its creation was a true labor of love. Dr. Kalil was motivated by his daughter’s personal struggle with her skin. The VI Peel was created to be the first chemical peel on the market to be virtually painless and require very little downtime. The biggest distinguishing factor is that it’s safe for all skin types and tones, which is not the case for other peels. Dr. Kalil was able to accomplish this by combining four of the strongest acids in low percentages with Vitamin C. Paired with his specially developed post peel skincare regime, Dr. Kalil created a winning combination for patients.

It was not enough to simply read about the benefits of the VI Peel; I had to try it out myself to see if the hype was well deserved. The application of the peel was painless and simple. The only sensation I experienced was a slight warmth to my face. The first two days, as promised, my face looked smooth and had a nice tightening feel to it. By day three, I began peeling and continued to until day seven. To describe the peeling process I’d use the word cathartic; I was literally shedding my old skin and starting new.

The end results were great and worth the full seven day cycle of peeling and sun avoidance. Not only was my skin baby soft, but my pores were left smaller. Any dark spots I had were significantly less visible. My verdict on the VI Peel? It’s something everyone should treat their skin to. I’m already planning my next application to revive my skin after soaking up the summer rays.

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