Tanya Heath Paris Makes US Debut

Tanya Heath-LA-Store

Robertson boulevard just got a little more fashionable with the grand opening of the very first US Tanya Heath Paris shoe store.

Tanya Heath Paris brings together the world of style and comfort through its revolutionary one-click method. Shoe lovers everywhere no longer have to choose between fashion and comfort, because with Tanya Heath Paris the two are no longer mutually exclusive.This is the world’s first multi-height shoe with removable heels allowing wearers to have endless possiblities when it comes to customization.

Tanya Heath-and- Pam Schmider-LA-Store OpeningPame Schmider, a self proclaimed francophile and the LA store owner of this new venture is the reason why America has finally become privy to Paris’ best kept shoe secret. While on a trip to Paris in 2014, Schmider stumbled across the Tanya Heath Paris store, and knew instantly she had to bring that particular je ne sais quoi…. joie de vivre (That certain something…joy of living) back to the states. After hitting it off right away, Heath and Schmider hit the ground running to make this US venture a reality. The rest is history and the new store is now up and running bringing a little piece of Paris to its sunny Los Angeles location 108 S. Robertson Blvd.

Tanya Heath Paris ShoesBetween Schmider’s infectious charasmatic personality and the brilliant concept of Tanya Heath Paris it is only a matter of time before everyone falls in love with it all. Putting your own statement on what you wear is what sets your style apart and with the help of this line you can literally have your personal touch added on from head to toe. Tanya Heath Paris is definitely a brand to look out for in the future.

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