The Voice: The Live Playoffs Part 2


Wednesday’s part two of The Playoffs on The Voice showed Team Christina and Team CeeLo’s contestants.

After a recap of Team Blake and Team Adam’s contestants and a group number, Team Christina’s Adriana Louise went up first singing Katy Perry’s “Firework.” Adriana has a beautiful voice, but I am just so sick of this song. It does showcase vocals, but it just seems like such an obvious choice. Oh well, coaches loved it.

Next was Cody Belew singing “One More Try” by George Michael. WHERE HAS THIS GUY BEEN HIDING? This song was such a good choice. His voice is so soft and pretty, yet strong and powerful. He delivered a beautiful rendition of the song. Blake said this was his best performance yet, and I definitely agree. There’s no way this guy isn’t making it to the next round.

Team Christina’s De’Borah performed “Who Knew?” Great voice, obviously, and I guess I could appreciate her just having a good time on stage, but what were those jumps and leaps? Cee-Lo liked how she moved though, and called her “compelling.” Can’t say she’s one of my favorites, but she is a good singer, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she made it through to the next round.

Diego Val went up next singing Enrique Iglesia’s “Ballamos.” I really like Diego, and I’m really mad at Cee-Lo for giving him this song. Yes, he sounded good. But I don’t think giving him a song by an artist he will undoubtedly get compared to was a good idea. The performance was pretty boring. Hopefully the girls voted for him, cause I do think he deserves to go on to the next round.

Mackenzie Borg sang “What Makes You Beautiful.” I’m a sucker for anything One Direction, so I loved this performance. I’m glad he put down his guitar and moved around a bit. I really like the tone of his voice, and he’s a cutie pie. Adam agrees and called him “Adorable.” He also said he wants to see “more,” which all the coaches echoed, and I also agree with. But, I like him, I hope he makes it through.

Devyn DeLoera performed “Bleeding Love.” Cee-Lo thought this wasn’t her best performance. Blake was looking forward to the “softer” side of Devyn’s vocals. I liked the performance. She was a pretty voice. Nothing memorable in my opinion though.

Nicholas David sang “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything.” The package before the performance showed that Nicholas was struggling to understand what “swag” is. But he’s got it. He’s quirky, and the way he just bounces around on stage with confidence is great. His deep voice also helps. He’s so unique, in every aspect, there’s no way this guy won’t make it to the next round. Blake says, “You’re not supposed to look like that, and sound like that.” Compliment? Insult? Not sure.

Sylvia Yacoub sat behind the piano to sing and play Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away.” Cee-Lo called it the best performance of the night. I can’t imagine how hard it is to play the piano and sing at the same time, so good for her for being able to do that. It was great to hear vulnerability in her voice. She really did showcase her voice in a perfect, subtle way.

Dez Duron perfectly chose “Wanted.” An attractive guy with a good voice singing a cute love song? He and Christina knew what they were doing when they picked this song. Girls are going to fall for it. Unfortunately, I don’t think I did. He didn’t quite hit the high note towards the end, and the rest was just okay. He’s a good singer, but maybe for X Factor or American Idol… Sorry?

They really saved the best for last this episode. Trevin Hunte sang “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You.” He completely changed the song to make something so beautiful. Don’t really have much to say. He was absolutely incredible. Wow. Blake said, “You have everything you need to win The Voice.” Agreed.

So my prediction? Adriana Louise and De’Borah from Team Christina will be eliminated, and Diego Val and Mackenzine Borg from team Cee-Lo (unfortunately..)

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