‘Scream’ Recap: Wanna Play a Game?

Emma and Kieran Episode 103

Needless to say, SPOILERS AHEAD.

Well, what do you know, we were right about who would be killed on this week’s “Scream.” Some horror rules never change, it’s always the person having sex, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to to beginning.

The episode begins with a flashback to 1994, where Brandon James killed two teenagers, as told by Noah () to Piper Shay (). So far, Piper has had zero purpose on the show. She recorded that video of Jake () going ballistic on Noah, but hasn’t used it for anything, yet. She probably has too many juicy details to reveal, so we’re going to say she’s safe from the killer, at least for another week.

Meanwhile, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) overhears her mother and Sheriff Hudson () talking about Rachel’s death. After hearing her mother was hiding some things and that Rachel’s death was in deed a murder, not suicide, Emma storms off, only to receive a text from Ghostface. Emma immediately goes to Audrey (), who she catches about to hang herself –although she swears it was just to see if it was even possible to die that way. Emma fills her in on what she learned about Rachel, as well as on her communication with the killer. She believes the killer wanted Rachel’s death to look like suicide so that Emma would feel guilty. The two decide to text the killer, “I know you killed Rachel. Tell me why.” If only it were that easy Emma…

Then there’s Brooke and Mr. Branson’s () super inappropriate relationship. For some reason Mr. B has decided the two should try having a virtual relationship, and Brooke is not a fan. While video chatting, she teases that she left a naughty picture hidden somewhere in his classroom. Mr. B is another character with more up his sleeve. So far, he’s just an adult lusting over someone much too young. Could he be involved with the murders? Could he be the next victim? Definitely no to the latter. He, like Piper, has more to give us on the show.

After Jake digs up an empty box, clearly expecting to find something in it, he confronts Will (). After Will discovers that Jake had not shut down whatever weird blackmail scheme they had going with Nina and Tyler, he took money out of the box Jake dug up. Will tells Jake he’ll see the money once he finally does shut down whatever it is he needs to shut down. He doesn’t want to risk it all- his scholarship, Emma, etc. Does anyone have any idea what they’re talking about? Whatever it is, I have a feeling it’s going to blow up in Will’s face. Why not Jake’s as well? I’m glad you asked, because I think he’s going to be the next victim. Maybe I’m just hoping because he’s such a.. well, “doosh.”

While working on a class project assigned by Mr. Branson, Kieran () lets it slip that he has the case files for Brandon James’ murders at his house. After Emma shows interest in seeing the files, Kieran quickly suggests bringing the files to Emma’s house instead. Weird? I think so. The two look through the files before Kieran gets a text and suddenly has to go home, but not before revealing that he’s been to jail before. As he’s about to leave he notices a file with Emma’s dad’s name (Kevin) on it, and Emma finally puts all the dots together: Her mom is Daisy. Brandon James was obsessed with her mother. But, when Emma tries to confront her mom, she gets zero answers. So, you know, we don’t either.

Mr. Branson also pairs up Noah and Riley, but their study date takes a turn for the steamy. As they are about to get hot and heavy, Riley receives a text from Tyler- you know, Nina’s boyfriend, the guy whose head was chopped off in the first episode, and who everyone thinks is still alive. Riley ditches Noah after reading Tyler’s “Help me!” text and meets up with her friends to tell them about the text. But Emma knows what’s going on. After getting another call from the killer, Emma proclaims she is done, which Ghostface follows with, “Then I’ll find someone else to play with.” That someone else clearly being Riley.

Emma fills them all in on her mysterious texts, and suggests going to the cops, even with Riley’s reluctance. The cops set up a trap to catch Tyler, but just as expected, it’s not Tyler. It’s a random guy delivering a message for “some guy on the internet.” The message? A  piece of paper with Brandon James’ mask and “Nice Try!” written on it. After realizing the set up, Emma realizes Brooke has disappeared.

While on the search for Brooke, Emma receives a horrifying text from the killer. “You have to choose, the good girl of the bad girl.” Thinking Riley was safe with the cops, Emma responded not to hurt Brooke. After putting up a tiny bit of a fight, the masked killer got Riley, just as we predicted. Upon realizing what she had done, Emma cries out, “I didn’t mean to choose.”

Moral of the story: Don’t even think about having sex. (JUST KIDDING OBVIOUSLY)

I’m hooked. I can’t help but need to come back every week, mostly to find out if I’m psychic or not (Or I guess if this show is predictable or not). While I don’t necessarily have any connection to the character, I am intrigued with the reasoning behind the murders. Could Brandon James have a kid that’s getting revenge? Is it Brandon James? So many questions, so little answers.

TOP SUSPECT: Doubtful it’s anyone in the main cast.

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