‘Scream’ Recap: Hello, Emma


This week’s episode of MTV’s “Scream” left us with another murder, a couple answered questions, and about a thousand new ones. While character development is off to a slow start, “Scream” has managed to create enough dark twists and turns in it’s second episode to make viewer’s who made it this far want to come back for answers.

After reading mean comments about herself online, Audrey’s somewhat-girlfriend began to self harm, only to be interrupted by a phone call. The static-y call was Audrey, or so it seemed. After some creepy comments, Rachel was lead outside, where she found a noose tied to her balcony. Having Rachel right where he (or she) wanted her, the killer struck, tying the noose around her neck, and throwing her from the balcony. Apparently, getting calls from pseudo significant others at the start of an episode is a bad omen. (Based on that alone, Riley is most likely next to be killed).

Even before news of the murder begins to circulate, the rest of the students begin their day with drama. Noah is questioned by Sheriff Hudson, where it’s revealed that he once contacted members of Brandon James’ family, but never the lone survivor of the murder spree, Kevin Duvall (who yes, is Emma’s dad), nor had he been able to uncover the mystery behind the girl Brandon was in love with. Upon returning to school, Noah and Audrey meet Piper Shaw, host of a popular podcast that has been covering Nina’s death, “Autopsy of a Crime” –and behold, our very own Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) has been introduced.

While talking to Piper, Noah gets confronted by “doosh” king Jake. Jake’s car had been spray painted with “DOOSH” in red. Of course suspect number one, and rightfully so, is Noah. Jake’s anger took over as he slammed Noah against the wall and proclaimed, “If I find out you are lying, I swear to God, you are dead.” Piper got the entire ordeal on camera, which we all know is going to come back and bite Jake in the ass. Honestly though, after all the lame comments he’s made, like telling Will it’s okay he cheated on Emma with Nina because sex with her was probably Amish, WHO CARES. Jake is the least likable character on the show, almost to the point of not being believable. But don’t worry guys! He assured Will that any cyber link to their spying on Nina was erased. Whew. (Although it’s hard hard to believe anything coming out of his mouth).

Noah admits to Audrey that he did in fact deface the car after also revealing he got the red blood like paint all over himself. This explains the end of the pilot episode where it appeared that Noah smeared some blood on his forehead. Should Noah be erased from the suspect list? Pretty much. The fact that he’s the slasher geek and obsessed with Brandon James is still a little too obvious. I’m sure “Scream” can do better than that.

To add even more drama to the day, as Emma tries to apologize to Audrey for filming her and Rachel’s intimate kiss, the entire school gets a gif (YES A HARD G, NOT JIFF) of a “murder selfie,” someone in a Brandon James mask in front of the pool where Nina’s dead body is floating. In class with hot-teacher-who-is-dating-his-student, Noah informs everyone the most likely reason why the murderer sent the selfie. The answer? For attention. “We need to share the things we do, or it’s like it’s never happened,” which apparently includes murder. Quickly after that, the school finds out about Rachel’s death, but the murderer had set it up to look like a suicide. So much for that attention theory…

Emma immediately blames herself for the supposed suicide. She runs to the bathroom to hide, only to hear girls saying someone say, “Whoever posted that video has even more blood on their hands now… Looks like we got a new Nina.” This scene feels important somehow, but can’t figure out why. Emma heads to work at a coffee shop where she finds Piper lurking. She knew who Emma was, including her dad’s past with Brandon. Emma recoils at the mention of her dad and asks for privacy. While throwing out the trash at the end of her shift (why is a high school girl working late… alone?), she thinks she sees a shadow- a very serial-killer-type shadow, following her. She runs back inside to the shop, only to find Will. After he shrugs off that he got a text that he THOUGHT was from Emma saying to meet him there (she sent no such text), he somehow annoyingly convinces her to forgive him. YAWN.

YAWN, until mysterious new guy Kieran points out something interesting at Will’s basketball game the next day. After hearing the story of Emma’s forgiveness, he tells her Will “messes with your head, then rescues you?” This immediately puts Will back towards the top my suspect list (let’s not forget the boyfriend did it in the original “Scream” too). Then again, why is Kieran so intent on making Will look bad? Does he really just like Emma? Jealousy? Whatever, he’s hot so I’ll listen to him.

Meanwhile, Emma’s mom, the town’s coroner, discovers that Rachel’s death was likely a murder not suicide. Noah also went on a somewhat date with Riley, after she scares the crap out of him, of course. Before the two laid in the grass of the school’s football field looking at the stars and talking, she suddenly switched off all the lights and comes up behind Noah. Totally normal and chill when multiple people have been murdered. The couple drank and talked about “geeky” things like “Game of Thrones.” Something about Riley and the way she hangs on to every word that Noah says rubs me the wrong way. She’s too interested, or she’ll be the next to go, who knows.

After the game, Emma goes home. A security alarms goes off and lets Emma know someone has come in through the kitchen door. She then receives a call from the security company. Emma asks the operator to stay on the phone with her, and he begins to ask some interesting questions, “What do you like to watch, How To Get Away with Murder?” (The new “What’s your favorite scary movie?” perhaps?) At one point the caller says, “You do look tired,” which he quickly changes to “You sound tired.” After Emma locks a window he says, “What you should really be asking is, did you just lock me in or out?” The caller goes on a rant saying that all he wants to do is show her the truth about who she really is, “the real horror show.” He then goes off about how everyone in her life is a liar, including her “fraud of her family” and her “whore of a mother.” He then proclaims, “It started with her Emma, but it’s gonna end with you. See you soon.”

And the end. Whoever this person is wants revenge. It may not be Brandon, but it has to be someone associated with him somehow, or with his murders. Emma is likely going to have to become a player in his games in order to survive and keep the people she cares about alive, a la “Pretty Little Liars,” but that’s what’s going to keep everyone coming back. Okay, that and maybe the super hot cast. Maybe.






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