‘Scream’ Recap: Exposed

Piper and Emma Episode 105

Don’t worry guys, my “Scream” recaps aren’t gone- I was just on a two week vacation in Nicaragua. I somehow managed to stay away from any spoilers, and with that being said, it’s time to catch up quickly before next week.

This episode was probably the most lackluster so far, and it has nothing to do with the fact that another week has passed with no lives taken.

After Noah and Audrey accidentally leaked a tape of Emma and Will having sex, typical high school behavior ensued: humiliation, gossip, Will angrily lashing out against anyone who mocked the situation, etc. Not so typical high school behavior: Emma receives a call from the presumed murder asking how it feels to be the “star of the show.” To give a little more of a punch, he (or she?) printed a still from the video and left it in Emma’s locker with “Just like your mother” written on it. Ouch.

To add just a bit more salt to the wound, “The Scarlett Letter” is the topic of discussion in Mr. Branson’s class. Not to miss out on the irony, someone sends out a mass text with a little reminder of the video. After class, Kieran (HE’S BACK), comforts Emma by telling her, “Just remember, you don’t have to be afraid.” Oh, he also explains his absence by saying he was out of town to deal with some insurance stuff from his mom’s accident. Probably should seem a bit fishy, but people that good looking just aren’t the killers, so he’s good. (RIGHT???)

Also becoming increasingly sketchy: Piper Shaw. After revealing to Emma that Rachel’s parents felt that Audrey was manipulating Rachel, and could make her do anything, she says, “It’s hard to know the truth if you don’t know the whole story.” Should Audrey be a suspect, not of the murders surely, but perhaps of something else? But, also, what’s Piper’s whole story? Why is she there? Why is her storyline so insignificant so far, and yet so important? Hmm… Later, she reveals to Emma that her father was murdered when she was young. The case was never solved, which is why she spends her time doing the podcasts.

During a vigil held for Riley, Emma discovers that there is a new detective in town- Detective Lorraine Brock. The detective’s presence means Sheriff Hudson is to step away from the case, which given how little has been solved (read: nothing), it’s probably for the best. Sheriff Hudson’s displeasure over the detective makes it obvious that it’s not just that he was replaced, but they the two share a history together.

While Emma gives a speech at the vigil, she receives a video message of herself. Realizing that this means the person who has been taunting her is currently watching her, she begins to stumble over her words. She then gets a heartwarming text warning her that if she speaks to the detective about him (again, or her), it’ll be her mom’s heart in a box.

But Detective Lorraine Brock appears to have a much better grasp on the case than the sheriff. Right away she pieces together that it’s Emma and her mom at the center of the murders. It’s no coincidence, but Emma’s silence doesn’t lead the detective much further.

Audrey and Noah discover that Mr. Branson was somehow involved with phones and computers getting hacked- and perhaps was in on it with Riley, Tyler, and Nina. While something is definitely fishy with Mr. Branson, I don’t see him as a killer. Perhaps a creepy pedophile? Yes. But, murderer? Nahhhh.

Since Brooke is on quest to become a better person, she decides to tell Emma something that’s been eating away at her, something Will so desperately wanted to keep a secret. Pulling out the “She’s All That” card, Emma learns that the only reason Will ever talked to her was for a bet. Nina and Will had made a bet on whether or not Will could get Emma to sleep with him in under a month. Judging by the video, he probably won. This leads to her finally telling Will off with the cliche phrase, “We’re done.”

Proving once again how awful they are, Jake and Will go through with their blackmail plan. Brooke’s dad, Mayor Maddox, shows up with only part of the requested money, which leads Jake to break the Mayor’s nose. Will, who was only on board if nobody got hurt, was upset with the change of course. He tells Jake he wants nothing to do with the money.

Later, Jake goes to Brooke’s house with pizza, and a twisted version of the blackmail story. Jake reveals that Nina and Tyler had a video of Mayor Maddox doing something bad, and were blackmailing him for money before they died. But, apparently, Will has taken over. Mayor Maddox overhears the conversation making him angrily write Will’s name with lots of underlines on a piece of paper. While Brooke still doesn’t understand why Jake has the video (Um, because he’s the evil(er) one!!!), she watches the video: Mayer Maddox is seen dragging what looks like a body out of the trunk of his car. The date is marked as the day before her mom left to rehab (which her father had just admitted). Brooke clearly thinks the body could be her mothers. (I’m going to go ahead and say it’s a dead deer or something way less provocative).

Meanwhile, Kieran takes Emma somewhere far in the middle of nowhere, so “no one will hear.” At first this seems creepy and scary, especially after you know, he pulls out a gun. But he just wants Emma to get over her fears by shooting some cans he had set up. He tells her, “All I know is that right now, I’m holding you and he’s not.” Is he talking about Will? The murderer? The two start making out hardcore, and as much as I love Kieran, something’s weird. Maybe it’s their lack of chemistry. Maybe bad acting. But the scene was just, weird. Also, doesn’t sex=death in slasher world? (PLEASE DON’T DIE KIERAN!)

Oh, and Kieran’s dad, Sheriff Clark, is making out with Emma’s mom Maggie during all this.

TOP SUSPECT: Too obvious for it to be Mr. Branson.
NEXT TO DIE: Still Jake.

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