Wag! Your Dog’s New On-Demand BFF


With summer about to be in full swing that means vacations, music festivals, and jam-packed days of fun in the sun. And although this is the time of year everyone has been waiting for to cut loose we still have responsibilities that we can’t neglect, like our furry canine friends. This is where the hottest on-demand dog walking app, Wag! comes to the rescue. Wag! will give the Very Important Pup or Pups in your life the royal treatment so while you’re living it up you don’t have to feel guilty, because your little guy is having just as good of a time.

So, you’re wondering what exactly makes Wag! so special? This little app gives you immediate on-demand access to experienced dog handlers in your community that you can hire to do anything from walking your dog, dog sitting, to dog boarding seven days a week. Everyone on the app is thoroughly screened and are animal lovers with some even having backgrounds in being dog walkers, vet techs, shelter volunteers, and Humane Society advocates so you know your furry friend is in the best of hands when they’re not with you.

Kendall Jenner_Italian Greyhound_Mew_Wag!Wag! is also quickly becoming a hit among Hollywood dog owners who are constantly on the go all year around. Stars like Kendall Jenner swear by it to take care of her adorable Italian Greyhound rescue pup, Mew when she’s on the road traveling. Mariah Carey, the diva herself even turned to the app on Memorial Day Weekend when she brought her pup to Napa with the family. Chloe Grace Moretz and Bella Thorne are big users of the app for their dogs especially while filming on set. Besides the ease and flexibility everyone loves that Wag! gives your dog that personalized attention and TLC they crave when you can’t at an affordable fixed market price. So don’t just treat yourself this summer use Wag! to share the love with your dog too.

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