‘Scream’ Recap: Betrayed


Another week without a murder. This definitely won’t last much longer.

Continuing her night with Kieran, Emma decides she wants to go to Brandon’s house. As soon as she arrives she receives a call from you know who –well, we don’t actually know who, but you get what I mean. The caller laughs at Emma’s naivety as she freaks out upon realizing Kieran disappeared from her side and tells her, “He even made you think it was your idea to come here.” As Emma frantically searches for an exit, someone in the Brandon masks grabs her. As the mask falls off, Emma’s face is revealed on the other side. She tells herself, “It ends with you.” End dream. If dreams are made up of subconscious thoughts two things are for sure: Emma doesn’t really trust Kieran and she’s definitely putting a lot of the blame on herself for the murders in her hometown.

If that horrible dream wasn’t enough to snap Emma awake from her slumber, the scene in her living room surely did the trick –a makeout session between her mom and Sheriff Hudson, sexy right? Emma tries not to make things awkward by saying she was happy for her mom, happy that she took her advice to go for it. Personally, I’d be mortified if my mom was dating my currents hook ups dad, but hey, to each their own… Or maybe Emma was just glad someone was there to distract her mom from realizing how late she came home after her night with Kieran…

Aside from figuring out who the murderer is, one of the show’s biggest mysteries is Nina. What did she have on all these people? How did she have all the information? Why? Turns out we’re not the only ones wondering. Piper confronts Will and asks him to go on her podcast to air all of Nina’s secrets- and his. A chance at redemption, if you will. Although Will doesn’t exactly agree to Piper’s request, he later gives her a different story to share…

Meanwhile, Maggie is being questioned by Detective Brock over Sheriff Hudson’s royal screw ups in the murder investigation, like, you know, completely not realizing a possible suspect was right under his nose! DNA had been found on the inside of Brandon’s mask that was found in the old hospital. DNA that matched Audrey’s.

After Audrey gets pulled out of class for questioning, Noah goes to Emma to tell her his theories about Mr. Branson. Could he have seen Noah and Audrey looking at the malware on his computer and plotted against Audrey? As expected, Mr. Branson pulls Noah away from Emma –but to talk about classwork, of course. Later, Noah changes his tune about Mr. B, saying that he couldn’t possibly be responsible. Maybe Tyler put the malware on the computer while working as a teacher’s aid? While maybe being a pedophile, I have to agree with Noah- I think his crime spree ends there.

During Audrey’s questioning she’s asked about her whereabouts on September 30, the night Nina was murdered. Audrey says she was filming videos with Rachel, who obviously, is the only person who can confirm her alibi. Unfortunately, she was killed –so there’s that. Detective Brock asks to see the footage the girls shot. When Audrey hesitates, Detective Brock says she has a search warrant anyway, so oh well! While Audrey’s dad, who showed up after realizing his minor daughter was being questioned without a parent present, and Detective Brock step out of the questioning room to have a chit chat, Audrey quickly calls Emma and asks her to destroy the SD card labeled September 30.

Being the super smart teenagers they are, Noah and Emma proceed with Audrey’s request. The duo break into her house right before the cops show up and take the card. Obviously, the cops notice the broken glass and the very specific missing SD card. Although the chain of events is obvious, Emma keeps her mouth shut to the detective. Before even watching what was recorded, Emma tells her mom, “I know this looks bad, but I can’t help but feel that someone wants it to look that way.

When Tweedledee and Tweedledum (aka Emma and Noah) finally cave in to their curiosity, they see a video of an angry Audrey yelling about Nina to Rachel, who is recording. At one point Rachel says, ‘If we do this we are even worse than Nina,” although whatever ‘this’ is, isn’t clear. Audrey goes on about karma and how it doesn’t just happen to girls like Nina, “sometimes you have to take it in your own hands.” Audrey says to the camera before it’s cut off, “I’m coming for that sorry bitch.” Is Audrey really capable of murder? Her friends certainly don’t think so, but could she?

Later, Maggie takes Emma to her old house, the one she lived in before the murders years before. Maggie finally begins to reveal information about her past: Her and Brandon were neighbors, and became friends after passing notes to each other. The night of the dance when the killing spree happened, Brandon knew that Maggie and her current boyfriend (Emma’s dad) were having problems. So, Brandon went to convince Maggie she deserved better. Someone overheard them talking and told Emma’s dad. That’s when the fighting started, the “bloodshed.” Emma tells her mom there’s no way she could have known he would snap. Maggie responds with a very ominous, “I’m not convinced he did.” Could this mean that it was someone else that killed everyone, say someone who was jealous, like a boyfriend?

The night of the dance ended with Maggie asking Brandon to meet her at the dock. Her boyfriend saw and called the cops. Then, they shot him. Maggie urges Emma to stand up for her friend if she believes she’s innocent, because “people saw Brandon as a monster and [she] didn’t defend him.”

This convinces Emma to do the “right” thing. After realizing that her friend couldn’t have possibly murdered anyone, despite the scary video, Emma goes back to Detective Brock. She tells her that she saw Audrey the night of Nina’s murder and that Audrey kept it a secret to cover for her. There’s no doubt in my mind that this lie will come back to bite Emma in the butt.

The episode ends with Piper Shaw’s unexpected story from Will. Will meets with Brooke’s dad to return his blackmail money and the incriminating video. Mayor Maddox asks if he watched the tape, Will assures that he had not. Will tells the mayor, “I really don’t want to die for doing the right thing.”

Mayor Maddox responds, “Not a word to anyone… Remember, there’s a killer on the loose,” with a creepy grin. Piper was hiding to capture the entire moment, though its entire meaning is still lost. What did Will mean he didn’t want to die? Did he think Mayor Maddox was capable of murder? Piper tells Will, “It’s not the story I came for, but it’s a hell of bonus chapter. You know he just threatened to make you victim number five?”

Anyway, seconds later Will and Piper hear a strange noise, only to have the Brandon-masked killer appear and stab Will. He gets dragged away, still alive, while Piper remains untouched. Fishy.

TOP SUSPECT: Emma’s Dad. Piper. Mayor Maddox. Could they all be a team?

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