RECAP: The Tomorrow People ‘Death’s Door’


This week Stephen finds out the jaw dropping truth that John killed his father. However, he does not tell Cara or any of the Tomorrow People this, but instead helps them figure out a way to free John.

From a picture Stephen finds in Jedikiah’s office of him and his girlfriend Morgan, Cara and Russell locate her and kidnap her as leverage. Cara then goes to Jedikiah telling him if he wants Morgan back he must release John. Stephen finally faces John and asks him why he killed his father. After hearing John he tells him that he knows Thanatos is real and his father is alive and despite him attempting to kill his dad he is still going to help him get out of Ultra.

Stephen asks his mom about his father and Thanatos, but she quickly shuts his questions down. Jedikiah goes to see John, says goodbye to him and quietly whispers something in his ear before leaving. In his office Jedikiah talks to Stephen about Cara still having her powers, and surprisingly he understands that he protected her because he loved her. Jedikiah opens up to Stephen about Morgan and how the Tomorrow People have her, and that to save her Stephen must help orchestrate John’s escape.

After John is freed Cara and Russell return Morgan to Jedikiah, but then Jedikiah makes a surprising request. He asks the Tomorrow People to hide Morgan with them so she is protected from Ultra. Back at the Tomorrow People home base Stephen has John help him attempt to stop time while teleporting, without any success. Stephen’s mom gives him a box of his dad’s research where he finds recordings of his father and the professor doing trials of Thanatos. John finally tells Cara he killed Robert, Stephen’s dad. Understandably Cara is upset and hurt about John lying all these years about everything he made everyone believe was true.

The recordings of Stephen’s dad ends with him saying there is another way to achieve Thanatos. Hearing this Stephen goes to see the professor, who tells him the other way is by dying and being in the state between life and death. The professor tells him it is a long shot, and in the middle of their conversation the professor is murdered by a gunshot in front of Stephen. It turns out the Founder is the one who ordered the hit on the professor. Stephen returns to John, Cara and Russell telling them the professor was killed and that he knows how to save his dad. When he tells them John has to kill him to make Thanatos happen they object and tell him it will not work, because his dad is dead and not stuck in an in between realm.

Stephen brings his two worlds together by having Cara, John and Russell over for dinner with his mom and Astrid. Stephen tells Astrid he is going to bring his father back, but leaves out how he plans on doing it. Jedikiah and Morgan have some time together. Just when it seems Jedikiah may have something redeeming about him he makes the shocking move of shooting Morgan in her sleep.

But the, Jedikiah shocks us again when we learn he did not actually kill Morgan, but faked the whole thing so that the Founder would think he took care of the situation. Meanwhile Morgan hides with the Tomorrow People. John, Russell and Cara prepare to kill Stephen so he can achieve Thanatos. For a second it seems they lost Stephen for good but he wakes up saying he did it and they need to find his father’s body.

What will happen next will keep us on our toes for sure. Could we be seeing Roger in the near future?

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