RECAP: Restless Road Sent Home


Before I start my recap, I’m going to go ahead and predict that Carlito Olivero is going to win, just to spite me. Now that that’s out of the way…

Before an excruciating long recap of Wednesday’s show, the final four contestants did a group number, singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger.” These things are always horrible, but Colton somehow managed to out-bad everyone during his solo. It also sounded like someone was messing up the lyrics during the chorus. But anyway, Mario revealed that the contestants would start campaigning NOW for the finale, whatever that means. AND GUESS WHAT! ONE DIRECTION WILL BE BACK NEXT WEEK! (Take a drink!)

More filler with the contestants all talking about what winning means to them. Twenty minutes in, and still, nothing of importance happened. Finally the contestants began to be called to safety. First contestant moving on to the finale is Carlito Olivero. And to begin his campaigning, he sang Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente.” The performance was actually pretty good, until he decided to shout, “Latinos!” in the middle. Was that necessary, at all?

Enrique Iglesias “performed” his single, “Heart Attack.” He was lip-syncing the entire time. So, was this supposed to be an example for Carlito, or?

Alex and Sierra were called to safety next and performed, Passenger’s “Let Her Go.” I feel as though these performances were rushed together. The two sounded just fine, but something about it wasn’t as special as their performances normally are. After the duo sang, we were reminded that the biggest boy band in the world.. wait for it.. ONE DIRECTION, will perform next week. (Another drink).

And finally, Jeff Gutt was the last contestant to make it to the finale. Before Jeff performed, Colton of Restless Road announced, “This isn’t the end of the road for us. You’ll be seeing us.” The video package showed mostly just Simon Cowell throwing praise at the boys, which is interesting.

Moving on, Jeff sang Journey’s “Open Arms” for his campaign to win the finalw. The song choice, as it so often does, dated him. It felt very 80s rock, and was just a bit too scream-y for me.

If Alex and Sierra don’t win, I give up on America officially.

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