Myspace Secret Show Featuring The Maine

John O'Callaghan performing (Photo by Rosemary Vega)

Yesterday The Maine released their new cd, “Black and White” and streamed live for 24 hours in

John O'Callaghan performing (Photo by Rosemary Vega)

celebration of the release. To conclude their day, The Maine finished with a Myspace Secret Show at the Echoplex in Los Angeles.

The show began with an acoustic set from Disco Curtis. Although the singer had a nice voice, the music was pretty generic and I found myself not even paying attention. The music, though not bad, didn’t stand out. Maybe the music didn’t translate well into acoustic, but I was bored throughout their opening set.

The Maine began with a song from their new cd, “Inside of You.” The sound was shaky, so it was hard to hear the lead singer, John O’Callaghan. But everything only got better from there. They played new songs like “Fuel to the Fire” and my personal favorite “Growing Up,” which the crowd was already singing along to. To keep the crowd pumped, old favorites like “Everything I ask For” and “Girls Do What They Want” were played.

With the amount of energy the band played with, it was hard to believe that they had been awake for almost 24 hours. John O’Callaghan was keeping the crowd entertained with not only his performance but with his interaction with the audience. He pointed to screaming girls, told jokes, showcased his love for the word “fuck,” and kept everyone laughing and dancing.

After their set, The Maine stuck around to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. Their true appreciation for their fans is truly admirable, and made me love The Maine even more. Their show last night only consisted of 10 songs, but they made sure to mention that they are on tour right now, with a set of 17 songs. Make sure to check them out if they are in your area. This is a band you don’t want to miss.
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