KSNY x Darcel, Pop Culture Fashion Fantasy

KSNY x Darcel donut bangle (courtesy of Kate Spade New York)

Over the past twenty years Kate Spade New York (KSNY) developed a formula for pop-culture meets upper east side chic that epitomizes their brand recognition to fashionistas in the know. In honor of their 20th anniversary Kate Spade has dedicated the month of August to the location of their flagship store in NYC simply titled KSNY x Darcel.

KSNY x Darcel hot dog coin purse (courtesy of Kate Spade New York

KSNY x Darcel hot dog coin purse (courtesy of Kate Spade New York

If Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, and Takashi Murakami were to hypothetically walk into a bar in New York, the punch line would be the artist behind the new collection, Craig Redman. His design aesthetic is reminiscent of the pop-culture greats, many of which share a similar admiration to all things NYC.

The seamless collaboration, KSNY x Darcel, sings true to the brand’s quirky design sensibility and celebrates the day in the life of the modern NYC downtown gal on the go named Darcel. In the words of Redman, “Darcel is a downtown gal who’s not afraid to scarf down a hot dog while swigging champagne she’s snatched from an opening. She’s cute, self-aware and in control.”

While the collection may not be suited to all tastes, Kate Spade fans will find delight at every turn while exploring this collection. Specifically campy and kitsch, the designer collaboration fully embraces the melding of his pop culture aesthetic with a brand that does not shy away from its culture of a visually analogous product line.

Standouts in the  latest collection include the donut bangle and the hot dog coin purse. The resin bangle is dripping with a pink enamel glaze that will suffice as a guilty pleasure placebo for those who don’t subscribe to an actual cheat day in their diets. While the hot dog coin purse is irresistibly popping with brightly colored patent faux leather colored red in yellow that will compliment a summer baseball game at your favorite park.

For the tech savvy fashion forward set, you can get in on the latest collaboration without having to purchase a single item. KSNY has paired with the app Snaps which allows you to pose with virtual versions of your favorite brands.  Now you can pose with Darcel anywhere you can take your smartphone. The collection and the Darcel photo booth are now available online.

Reach reporter Sarah Ledesma here and follow her on Twitter.

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