Jonas Brothers are Back


After lots and lots of teasers, the Jonas Brothers released their latest single and music video, “Pom Poms.” Almost 4 years went by with no new music from the trio. (Their last album “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times” was released in June 2009). The song, which features lots of trumpets and a drum line, is a mixture of fun, silly-ness, and catchy lyrics. While some fans may say that the lyrics are kind of interesting (“want you like a kid just wants a milkshake”), the song seems perfectly made for top 40. The sexual innuendos are hard to ignore, which shows that the Jo Bros, like most Disney kids, are trying to break out of their Disney mold. Whether or not the song will be a hit, we’ll see. (But it’s interesting to note that the song has not made it to number 1 on US iTunes charts).

Check out the video below. What do you think of “Pom Poms”?

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