GBK Emmy Luxury Gift Lounge


The big golden statuette may be the most coveted prize during the Emmys, but celebrities were pretty

Lisa Vanderpump at the GBK lounge (Photo credit: Tiffany Rose of Wire Image)

content with the other treats the weekend had to offer.

There were parties, there were press events, there was the Governor’s Ball, but the most extravagant part of the weekend had to be the gifting suites.

Gift lounges are an essential part of any awards show and this year’s Emmy nominees had plenty of swag to choose from. Even with all the available choices, the popular events company, GBK productions managed to put on the most spectacular suite of them all.

The annual Emmys Luxury Gift Lounge took place at the W Hotel in Hollywood on September 21 and 22. TV personalities big and small stopped by the event to mingle with friends, grab some cocktails and most importantly, get free stuff.

But just what did these stars pick up from the lounge you ask? Take a look below to see the coolest items from the weekend.

1. All-inclusive trip for two to the Caribbean: The travel magazine Caribbean Living gave the nominees the opportunity to stay at the Hard Rock resorts out in the island tropics. If that isn’t lavish, then what is?

2. Personal training from Mansion Fitness: We all know fitness is a huge priority in Hollywood and with Mansion Fitness celebs can get in shape and be stylish at the same time. The facility for Mansion Fitness really is in a mansion. It is also extremely private, there are no memberships and all of the sessions are one-on-one.

3. Ron Donovan shoes: With prices rivaling those of Louboutin, this brand is super lush. All of the shoes are Italian-made and pretty comfortable—especially for being sky-high heels.  Celebrities went home with gift certificates for a free pair of shoes and/or $300 off their first purchase.

4. Nulo Pet Products:  Let’s face it, people in Hollywood are obsessed with their pets and it just isn’t right to get a bunch of free stuff without taking something home for your four-legged loved one. Attendees with pets went home with at least one bag of Nulo’s premium, all-natural dog and cat food.

5. Hot Rock Jewelry: Specializing in one-of-a-kind jewelry made of precious metals and stones, Hot Rock gave celebrities a custom gold pendant. Emmy nominees were given special “nominee” pendants. Always thinking about giving back, Hot Rock representatives were encouraging recipients to donate their necklaces to charity.

6. Eye Saw You mobile app: You may be asking yourself, what is so cool about a mobile app? After all, anyone can download this app (a social media app focusing on missed connections in case you were wondering). Well, the app came pre-loaded on to the X tablet.  Yep, free tablet for everyone

7. The Artisan Group goodies: The Artisan Group is a collective of artists who make jewelry, stationery, spa and bath products, and other hand-made goodies. Attendees went home with a giant duffel bag full of one-of-a-kind gifts.

8. Miracle Hydrate skin products: Perserving the skin is a must for celebrities and miracle hydrate offered to help them maintain that youthful look. Guests received the MH3 line, which included anti-aging products infused with snake venom.

9. Beanpatch & Co. toys: Celebrities also snagged a few items for their kids (or nieces, nephews, cousins etc.). Beanpatch & Co. imports beautiful vintage style infant and children’s toys. Guests were gifted Baghera French pedal cars and Franck & Fischer plush toys.

10. Secret Agent Beauty: Everyone love’s getting free make-up, but it’s even more fun when there’s a cool 007 vibe attached to it. All of the Secret Agent products are dual purpose and come in sleek agent-like packaging. Celebrities went home with lip plumper sets and lip treatments.

Honorable mentions: Savee Laguna Beach dresses and leggings, Toy State 007 model cars, Mason Jar Cookie Company cookie mixes, Foster Grant sunglasses, Wolfhardt leather accessories, Yazi Ginger Vodka.

Look at photos of all the celebs who stopped by throughout the weekend here

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