RECAP: The Final Four Chair Challenge on X Factor


Last night’s X Factor brought the Four Chair Challenge to a close, and revealed the top 16 that will move on to the live round.

Already seated, and waiting with anticipation to see if they’d remain in the competition were Girls United, Glamour, Wild Things, and Restless Road. Waiting for a chance to steal one of the seats was Sweet Suspense. The new group of now BFFS put together by destiny (Simon) sang “Wishing on A Star.” Although the vocals started a bit shaky, the girls mesh well as a group, and you could tell the girls understand the concept of harmonizing. Demi said she was proud of their hard work and Simon said he believed they had all the elements of a successful group- “chemistry, talent, fun.” While I would have replaced Girls United with Sweet Suspense, it came to no surprise that Simon said goodbye to Wild Things to make room for the girls.

If you had any doubt that this season’s format change was a bad idea, Yellow House Canyon’s “Hell on Heels” performance will kindly confirm it. The duo of actual best friends (not the “I feel like I’ve known them my whole life” bit) had undeniable energy, but failed to impress the judges. The girls showed a lot of future potential, but as Demi told them, “I don’t think you have what it takes to be sitting in one of those four chairs.” Meeting the same fate was Good News (ironic?). The two teens sang a boring off-key rendition of “Landslide.”

Before Good News was sent home, Forever in Your Mind snagged Glamour’s seat. The 1D wannabe trio of young guys, which the girls clearly love, sang the JoBro‘s “Love Bug.” The also now BfFs4LiFe seemed to have put this performance together the night before, and the lack of experience was obvious. Kelly told them it felt like they were “missing a lead singer.” Simon agreed that the vocals need work, but kept them anyway.

The saving grace of all the groups, Alex and Sierra, came up next. The couple sang “You’re the One That I want,” and showcased their velvety smooth vocals. Maybe this is the bitter-single-lady in me coming out, but something about their lovey dovey stage presence doesn’t seem like the right way to go about every single performance. The two are undoubtedly the best of the groups, but there are other ways to be endearing. (For example, Karmin, another duo of bf/gf). Demi perhaps agreed with my sentiment when she asked, “What would happen if you ever broke up?” Simon insisted it was a silly question, and the two took Girls United seats.

The last group to perform was Roxxy Montana. The trio of sisters sounded good when singing separately, but still have not perfected their sound as a group. Simon told them, “You haven’t worked out who you want to be, and we can make you incredible.” The sisters get a seat, and we say goodbye to Forever in Your Mind.

X Factor returns for the live rounds with the top 16 October 29.

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