The Virginity Hit breaks the mold

The Virginity Hit, the title immediately makes you think of clichéd teen movies and raunchy behavior.
I knew what this movie was about before I even checked the plot summary, at least that’s what I thought. I had flashbacks to movies like American Pie, Sex Drive, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. What could this movie possibly have to offer that I had not seen a thousand times?
Clichés aside, I did not expect this movie to be very funny. The lead actors are all unknown teens and the entire movie was filmed like a documentary. All the leads used their actual names as  the characters’ names, in attempts the make the documentary style more “authentic.” There wasn’t a real script either, the actors were given a basic plot and the camera just captured whatever they came up with.
Despite everything this movie had going against it, it was surprisingly funny and different. It starts out kind of slow with seemingly typical teen characters and the camera is annoying at first. But as the film progresses, it reveals a heartfelt story we can all relate to.
Matt, played by Matt Bennett, is on the verge of having sex with his longtime girlfriend Nicole (Nicole Weaver). Then he finds out Nicole cheated on him and his life turns into a series of unfortunate (and hilarious) events. After his special night with Nicole goes awry his friends decide to make it their mission to get Matt laid.
Viewers get to see the mission through the eyes of Matt’s best friend Zack (Pearlman). He is the videographer, a guy who films every little scene of his life and then puts it up on YouTube. He puts Matt in multiple awkward situations, like hooking him with a girl who forces him to do naughty things to a blow-up doll. He also makes some of Matt’s biggest fantasies come true, ala porn star Sunny Leone.
But the movie is not memorable because of its cheap laughs or hot chicks, amid all the antics, the characters have to deal with real hard-hitting problems. For example, Matt lost his mom to cancer, and his dad is a deadbeat who stole his college fund. It was weird, the movie ended up being much more touching, and sometimes sad, than it was funny—but it was also really funny.
It suffices to say that the cast succeeded in giving Matt, Nicole and Matt’s friends likeable, layered and realistic personalities. Writer-directors Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland, put a lot faith in these kids and they delivered. It helps that they had Will Ferrell and Adam McKay on hand as executive producers to mentor these first time actors through the process. Together, the group has made “The Virginity Hit” something more than its teasing promotional posters might lead you to believe.

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