The Maine’s Pat And Kennedy: “We Just Wanted To Have Our Heads Only In The Record.”


The Maine‘s latest album, American Candy is a far departure from their previous record, Forever Halloween. With a little less than two years in between albums, American Candy has a more uptempo and carefree vibe than their previous installment. The fifth album did a complete turnaround from the “darker” sound they experimented with in Forever Halloween, as guitarist Kennedy Brock described to us. “It’s always kind of our goal to go into the studio and do something that feels fresh and new,” Brock said about the change.

We sat down with drummer Pat Kirch and Kennedy just at their start of their “American Candy Tour” in April and talked about their social media black out during the recording of “American Candy,” 90s influences in their music, and much more. Check it out below.

Photography by Rosemary Vega

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