The Maine gives feel good performance at H.O.B.


The Maine’s most recent California concert at the House of Blues on Sunset Strip was quite electrifying.

I am by no means an avid listener of their music, yet somehow this was my second time seeing the Maine live. Their last show at the Echoplex in Los Angeles was very forgettable, despite the lead singer’s quirky sense of humor. At the time I had no plans of running out to buy their CD, but as of this week I am a changed woman.

Maybe it was the nicer venue, maybe it was John O’s attempt at crowd-surfing, or maybe my younger sister has just played her iPod around me one too many times? I can’t pinpoint the exact element that changed things for me, but I do know I will be probably have “Fuel to the Fire” stuck in my head for the next week or so.

The energy in the room was contagious. All of the hardcore fans were jumping and singing along to every single song (the album just came out a little over a month ago, so singing along was not an easy task). Unfortunately I could not do the same because I barely knew the words to the chorus’, but it was a pleasant surprise when the band whipped out a couple of cover songs. They did their own rendition of “Roses” by Outkast and “Should I stay or should I go,” by the Clash. Roses was my favorite because it was slowed down to the point that most people couldn’t figure out was song they were singing.

After the show the band took some time out to do a meet and greet. It seems they do a signing at every one of their shows, which is great because it shows how much they care about the fans. I did not have a press pass so I played the role of fan and waited in line for a chance to chat them up. They were all nice guys, but there was not much time to ask questions. I did find out that John O is a tank. Apparently it takes at least 12 beers for him to feel a buzz. It sounded like a challenge to me, so ladies if you ever happen to run into him at a bar, buy him a couple of drinks and let us know if he was telling the truth.

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