“The Little Mermaid” Re-release Will Be Interactive


If you are old enough to have watched “The Little Mermaid,” the first time it hit theaters you probably never imagined being in the theater with an iPad in your hand. (Well… you DEFINITELY didn’t imagine watching it with an iPad in hand because then you would be Steve Jobs and… you know how that goes.)

However, Disney is giving movie-goers reason to bring their iPads to the theater when the beloved film hits theaters again on Sept. 20. Disney has created an app called “Second Screen Live,” which will allow viewers to interact with the 1989 classic as they watch the film. According to the app’s trailer, participants will be able to play games, compete with fellow audience members and sing along with the movie.

It will give the part where Ariel sings, “I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a plenty,” whole knew meaning.

“The Little Mermaid” will also be released on blu-ray for the first time on Oct. 1, immediately following the theater run.

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