The House of Achi Beauty Launch with Kandee Johnson

Achi Launch : Hosted by Kandee Johnson

What do get when you have the fabulous Kandee Johnson host a party for Valerie Anderson’s new luxury beauty line? That’s simple one hell of a kick ass beauty launch party with all the trimmings at the popular West Hollywood hotspot, the Doheny Room.

After years of making a name for herself in the nail industry Valerie Anderson finally is sharing a piece of her passion with the world. From owning her own nail salon Valerie realized two things:  the market had few high-end nail brands, and from the luxury brands available even less of them could really compete with the quality of well-known brands like OPI. Out of the desire to provide clients with quality, luxury, and a product that was actually just good for your nails Achi was born.

Fast forward through months of  trials, and Japanese chemist formulas and you finally have the unrivaled 45 color, sweet strawberry scented Achi gel polish collection. Not only is this line strawberry scented, but it’s natural, cruelty free, and has a formaldehyde-free formula that gives you pigment for days. The line also has its own signature top and base coats as well.

Creating a scented polish using a natural fragrance is no easy feat, which is why it took months of perfecting.  According to Valerie, “the amount of oil to use without affecting the adhesion and pigmentation was quite the challenge. But these types of beauty products need precise results to develop a long-lasting nail gel.”

Valerie’s infiltration into the beauty market with Achi doesn’t stop at gel nail polishes, but she will also be launching a single finger curing LED lamp allowing for a convenient and user-friendly gel application. The brand is also launching a line of premium yellow and rose gold plated tweezers.

Between the yummy bites, the cocktails from TY KU, the wine from Electric Sky Wine, massages from Manly Handz, the Achi gel manicures, and the great beauty and nail trend tips from Kandee Johnson the Achi brand launched itself into the beauty world with a bang. Leaving launch attendees happy, relaxed, and already obsessed with all things Achi to come.



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