LOL tells the story about Lola (Miley Cyrus, her relationship with her mother (Demi Moore) and her frustration with the pressures of high school. After breaking up with her boyfriend Chad, Lola realizes she has feelings for her best guy friend, Kyle. Lola’s mom reads her diary “accidentally,” which brings up questions about their gap in communication.

There’s obviously a reason this film got a 17% on Rotten Tomatoes, and had very minimal support from Lionsgate. The film’s main problem for me was the lack of development, in basically everything. The film tried packing way too much into 90 minutes, causing for every storyline to come off as shallow. As a 22 year old, some of the aspects resonated, but left me wanting more. The obsession over cell phones, the social media, partying, flip flopping between relationships, are all things I saw and experienced in high school. But, as I mentioned, the film only brought up the issues, never seemed to comment on anything.

Lola suddenly has a school trip to France. When she got back, Kyle and her exboyfriend’s band had a battle of the bands, and won. Kyle’s dad shows up to the show to ground him, since he opposes Kyle’s musical dreams, but has a change of heart after hearing him play. The end. What was the point of going to France? On the plane ride there, Lola and Kyle made up after a fight over nothing. But, couldn’t this have happened back at home in Chicago? The movie had a lot of pointless turns, which again, were never developed.

The acting didn’t help the film at all, either. None of the characters were likeable, or even interesting (except maybe Kyle, but that’s probably because he’s soOoO0o keWtt). Miley Cyrus didn’t even seem to try to be believable. And if she did, well… that’s unfortunate.

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