RECAP: Who’s voting on X Factor?


I’m not sure what the rest of America is seeing when they watch X Factor. Maybe those with their own opinions aren’t voting, and those that are, are simply voting for who the judges gave the most praise to. In a horrendous (but half expected) turn out, Lillie McCloud and Josh Levi were sent home.

Lillie was sent home at the top of the show, which meant she had the absolute lowest amount of votes. Before announcing the two who would sing for their lives, Demi Lovato performed a super pitchy rendition of her latest single, “Neon Lights.” Not sure what was going on with her, but she seemed out of breath throughout most of the performance as well. But, back to the results. Josh and Rion Paige were the bottom two after Lillie. Rion sang Pink’s “Perfect” and Josh took on another Bruno Mars song (after Paulina Rubio made the mistake of introducing Carlito, which if anything, just proves further he should have gone home), “When I Was Your Man.” Both gave their all, and the judges voted with a tie. This meant the result would be based on who truly had the least amount of votes, and shockingly, it was Josh.

Going into deadlock with the votes was a stupid choice by Simon Cowell. He should have saved Josh, who clearly has more star potential than Rion. Oh, well.

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