RECAP: The Tomorrow People ‘Thanatos’


This week’s episode jumps right into finding out what “Thanatos,” the message Stephen got from his father while he was unconscious last episode, means.

Although the Tomorrow People are eager to find Stephen’s dad, John is skeptical this word even means anything, considering Stephen did get the message while he was unconscious. Stephen tells John, Cara and Russell that he looked into it at Ultra and all the folders were empty proving his Uncle Jedikiah may indeed be hiding something. Cara comes up with a plan to get the information out of Jedikiah by reading his mind while he’s asleep.

Despite John thinking it’s a bad idea, she and Russell, with the direction of John from the station, break into Jedikiah’s home. Just when Cara is in the middle of reading Jedikiah’s mind Russell knocks something over waking him up. Cara teleports out before he sees her, leaving Jedikiah with Russell. They battle it out while Jedikiah’s men are on their way. Russells manages to switch off Jedikiah’s chip source that was disabling his powers. As luck would have it Russell teleports out right before Jedikiah’s men show up. The only problem is he brings Jedikiah with him when he teleports back to the station. The first order of business is making sure Jedikiah doesn’t figure out where he is, since Stephen made his uncle think he stripped Cara of her powers she can’t let on she still has them. Jedikiah asks to speak to John alone. Their conversation leaves us wondering what else John has been hiding — besides killing of course.

In a flashback, we see the first time Jedikiah tests out whether John has the conviction to use his new ability to kill. John pulls the trigger only to realize the gun wasn’t loaded and it was just Jedikiah testing him. Jedikiah then gives John a real kill mission. The target, apparently, is the person who trained him. It’s clear John doesn’t want this mission by his questioning of it.

Meanwhile, Stephen goes into Ultra where everyone is focused on finding Jedikiah. While at Ultra Stephen finally comes face to face with the head of Ultra, who they call the Founder. Realizing how dangerous the Founder is, Stephen goes to warn Cara that they need to return his uncle. Cara pleads with him saying she just needs some time and asks him to stall. Stephen uses the information about the woman Cara saw while reading his uncle’s mind to distract Ultra. They determine the woman is a breakout and storm her apartment, which she luckily teleports out of before they see her. Stephen handcuffs her outside and question her relations with his uncle. Stephen finds out they’re in love and lets her go telling her this wasn’t his uncle’s doing.

Meanwhile Cara tries to get Jedikiah to tell her the meaning behind Thanatos. Jedikiah gets under Cara’s skin by bring up painful things from her life as a human, prompting her to start punching him. John steps in stopping her from harming Jedikiah further. Cara tells John that every time she’s in Jedikiah’s head there’s something about him he’s holding onto and protecting. Cara warns John that if there’s anything else he’s hiding he should come clean, because she won’t forgive him again for lying.

Cara, John and Russell get answers about Thanatos when they threaten to reveal the location of Morgan, the breakout Jedikiah is in love with, to Ultra. Jedikiah tells them Thanatos is a nickname for an old Princeton physics professor he and Stephen’s father worked with. He earned the nickname Thanatos, which means death, after many of his experiments proved to be deadly. Jedikiah gives them an address of where to find him. John, Stephen and Irene — the science genius among the Tomorrow People — go find the professor. They find the professor and learn Stephen’s dad also had the ability to stop time.

Jedikiah pretends to be choking on his dinner prompting Russell to help him, which is when he puts Russell into a choke hold. Cara, seeing this teleports and stops Jedikiah revealing her powers to him.

With the founder tracking Jedikiah, Ultra begins to zero in on his location. Sensing this, John teleports with Jedikiah out of home base. John points a gun at Jedikiah and fires several shots, but doesn’t kill him. When John attempts to teleport out as Ultra closes in, Jedikiah reveals they’re in an Ultra safe house and his powers are blocked. John is taken into Ultra custody.

Then the big reveal comes when we found out that the person Jedikiah ordered John to kill years ago was Roger, Stephen’s dad (talk about a bad friend, assuming he’s actually dead an there was no trickery involved), explaining John’s doubts when Stephen claimed he saw his dad alive.

Will Stephen and the Tomorrow People ever find out John’s biggest secret yet? So many questions left to be answered.

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