RECAP: HIMYM “Knight Vision” Leaves Some Cliffhangers

Knight Vision

Last night’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” involved a strict reverend, some crazy girl antics in the form of Cassie (guest star Anna Camp), and some role playing with Daphne and Marshall.

After an “Indiana Jones” flashback starring Ted and Barney on a quest to make the wisest choice, Barney and the gang wanted to make sure Ted found his wedding weekend fling. Unfortunately (or, in the long run, fortunately?), Ted made a poor decision in choosing straight-forward Cassie. Just as soon as Cassie seemed to be the perfect candidate (she told Ted, “Let’s have meaningless sex first, and flirt later”), she got fired from her job where she found out everyone hated her. To make matters worse, she was rebounding from a break-up. Things continued to fall downhill as Ted became more of a shoulder to cry on for Cassie, than her “meaningless sex” partner. Ted’s sad attempt to seal the deal with Cassie, or even second choice Grace, just proved one thing: WE WANT MORE OF THE MOTHER. Surely Ted was hoping for a fling during the weekend to get his mind off Robin, and if we didn’t know that the wedding would bring him to The Mother, this would just be depressing.

Meanwhile, we learn that Barney and Robin hired a strict, grumpy reverend, played by guest star Edward Herrmann, to officiate their wedding. The choice was because his church had “cute coming out the wazoo.” Unfortunately, to convince him that they were not the typical “promiscuous, boozy couple” from the city, the two lied about how they met. Instead of telling their complicated, and well, promiscuous story, the couple pretend to have Lily and Marshall’s story. Cue to an amazing flashback of how Lily and Marshall met, but with Robin and Barney taking their places respectively. Lily then had to tell the reverend her story of how she and Marshall met. Cue to an equally amazing flashback of how Robin and Barney met, with Lily as Robin and Marshall as a suited-up Barney.

Barney and Robin eventually come clean to the reverend — in detail. The mention of sex with hundreds of women, cheating, sex in the church, proved too much for the reverend to handle. The reverend who repeatedly said, “This is killing me,” in fact died, probably before hearing Barney tell Robin, “ “I love our story. Sure it’s messy, but it’s the story that got us here.”

Somewhere on the road to Farhampton, Marshall and Daphne rehearsed ways to tell Lily about his judgeship offer. Some mildly funny scenes happened with Daphne’s voice over Lily. But really, enough with this and get Marshall back with the gang. Marshall let it slip to Daphne that he had taken the job already, without talking to Lily. So, Daphne took things into her own hands, and texted Lily the new information. And then Marshall’s phone rang.

So the episode ended with two cliffhangers: What will Lily say to Marshall, and who will officiate the wedding?

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