The Cast of ‘The Overnight’ Talk Prosthetic Penises And Swinging

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On being parents and sexual beings:
Taylor Schilling: It’s interesting to me, there is a sense in film that- movies kind of effectively neuter parents. Like they are no longer sexual beings. That idea of still being sexual or still exploring things- I don’t know if that ever goes away. It’s just something that we don’t see the stories of, the realities of what’s going on. There’s a transition- before you have a family and afterward, but it’s not that the sexuality goes away. I think it just changes.
Adam Scott: Well, I guess I related to my character in the sense that he’s at that point in his life where he kind of feels like everything’s pretty much set in the way that it’s going to be probably for the rest of his life. He’s kinda not even aware that he’s dissatisfied with that, or a aware that theres anything wrong with it. They’ve sort of bandaided each other into this nice comfortable place. But I think ultimately, even though it all gets shaken up, as we see at the end of the movie, I think they’re in a much better place later. I mean they seem really into each other at the end, and really happy. It’s really nice at the end. So I related- you know, you were saying  about how movies kind of neuter people who are parents. Parents a lot of the time in movies are kind of stagnant. If a movie is about parents, that’s all they kind of are. They aren’t people who change or grow. I think it’s an interesting thing to see in a movie- people kind of not knowing what the hell they’re doing in life, AND they’re parents. Because you’re kinda expected to just be this rock for the kids, you can’t be this person in transition. All these people are in this movie.

Adam and Taylor

Adam and Taylor

Biggest take away from “The Overnight”:
Jason Schwarzman: One of the things that I take away from the movie is that when you’re in a relationship- a long term relationship, you fuse as two people and you’re growing together. But just as it’s important that you grow as a couple, it can be overlooked that you’re continuing your individual growth and interests so that you’re constantly bringing something back to your relationship. When you start to move too much like a unit, and only a unit, what happens? Then what happens in a relationship if one person questions something, or grows in some way? The other person has a choice to discuss that and go with that, or to walk away from that. I’ve seen it happen where couples that I know are very- they think nothings ever going to happen, and the guy gets into something, or is interested in something and the guy becomes very passionate. The wife just thinks he’s crazy and it just dies. This movie is about always trying to be very clear to your spouse about where you’re at. In the beginning of the movie where Adam and Taylor are in bed- it’s not like they don’t talk about his penis, but they’re a weird thing where they’ve talked about it so much they think they’ve addressed it. But it’s not really.. there’s like a false addressing. They’re not really honest and open. They’ve just put another smoke screen.
Judith Godrèche: What I like about the movie is that it doesn’t make a statement. It leaves everything very open. Its asking a question, which is what I like about cinema. You never really come out of a movie knowing the answer; you’re actually wondering. When I saw the movie I was like “Oh would I do that?”  There’s a pretty magical moment when actually Adam and Jason are kissing each other. This was written but when it happened, and the way it’s filmed, it sounds like when actual life meets cinema or when you feel like someone is really filming something in such a genuine way that you don’t even know what it means anymore. It’s just happening. It doesn’t say someone is gay, it doesnt say they are swingers, it doesnt say anything- it’s just happening in the moment and it’s very gracious.There are people that are looking for themselves, and we all are kind of- our entire life we’re on a journey trying to figure out who we are. I like the fact that there’s no statement. So I don’t know if it says anything about monogamy. I just think it’s just people trying to figure out themselves and trying to find solutions. And the solution just happens to them in this couple.
Taylor Schilling: I really loved the notion of how much they loved each other and how much they wanted this to work. That abstract space in a relationship where it’s like you love someone so much and the desire for it to work is there- but that kind of scratching sense that there is something sort of missing and that something isn’t quite right. Do you bring that out to the open? Do you sweep it under the carpet? No one knows how to be in a relationship. I mean, there are ways to gather a lot of tools, but I mean- I also just loved the pure-ness of that. That there was an idea that they’d been together for so long and I imagine this girl is someone who was in sororities and was a cheerleader. There was a lack of judgement and malice in the relationship that I found very refreshing. She so wanted to make it work and at the same time she wanted to listen to her own voice and kind of feel her way through the situation and was really listening to herself that things weren’t adding up. I just think there was something really honest, I guess.

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