One Direction Releases ‘Story of My Life’ on iTunes


One Direction released their latest single, “Story of My Life” on iTunes today. The single, written by Graffiti6 band member Jamie Scott, is currently the number 1 single on the iTunes charts. One Direction has also claimed the number 1 spot on the iTunes top albums chart with the pre-order of their next album, “Midnight Memories.”

“Story of my Life” seems to take on a new less pop, more alternative rock-infused sound. Scott wrote nine of the songs from “Midnight Memories,” so could the entire album take on this new direction (pun not intentional)? 1D star Niall Horan told Capital FM, “It’s up there with the best that we’ve brought out but ‘Story Of My Life’ might just take it. It’s a very passionate song and when you see the video that goes with it, it suits it as well.”

Listen to the new song below.

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