Los Angeles Times Presents 2018 Food Bowl


Nothing brings people together quite like great food, which is why after a successful launch last year the Los Angeles Times Food Bowl is back for its second year with even more to look forward to.

This year’s Los Angeles Food Bowl once again kicks off on May 1st for a full magnificent 31 days celebrating LA’s always evolving food and drink scene. While shining a light on LA’s food scene the festival will simultaneously work to raise awareness and funds to fight against food waste, hunger, and promote sustainability and waste reduction with the help of festival charity partners and its events. For the month of May the Food Bowl will have LA buzzing with over 250 events that will include the chefs and restaurants responsible for making Los Angeles a food destination. From dining events, panel discussions, chef collaborations, volunteer projects, night markets, and cocktails this upcoming 31 days of food has something for everyone.

The official launch party will be taking place at Rossoblu this year and will feature an all star lineup of the best LA chefs creating “Things in a bowl.” The launch party will also be announcing the Restaurant of the Year and the winner of the Gold Award. Last year’s Restaurant of the Year award went to Locol (Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson) and the Gold Award was presented to Wolfgang Puck. For the first time ever the launch will also be open to public to share in the festivities.

With May only being months away the anticipation and excitement for the Food Bowl continues to grow. It is set to be a month full of excitement and endless delicious moments so mark your calendars for March 31st when the full list of events are released so you can start planning your May food event schedules.

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