Johnny Depp Is Scary Good In ‘Black Mass’ Trailer


Let’s face it, in recent years we’ve come to think of Johnny Depp as the quirky actor in all those Disney/Tim Burton movies. We think of the elaborate costumes from movies like “Into the Woods” or “Alice and Wonderland.” Long forgotten is the fact that Depp is pretty damn good without all the extravagance (remember Donnie Brasco guys?), but it looks like “Black Mass” might be the movie that reminds us of his greatness.

The first trailer for the crime drama, which was released on Thursday, suggests that the actor’s at least got the look down.  Depp plays the infamous Boston gangster Whitey Bulgar in the film and the resemblance is uncanny. Depp dons a receding hairline, steely blue eyes and bushy blonde eyebrows. It seems that for the first time in a while, Depp is employing elaborate hair and makeup for realism rather than fantasy.  But the makeup isn’t the only impressive part, director Scott Cooper said Depp got everything about Bulgar right.

“Whitey Bulger’s attorney stopped by the set a couple of times and told me that Johnny not only looks like Whitey, he sounds like him and moves like him too. His charm. His cunning. Johnny captured all of that,” Cooper said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

See the transformation for yourselves below. “Black Mass” is scheduled to release on Sept. 18.

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