Jamestown Revival Brings Austin to Los Angeles


NOV 29- “I don’t really know what to say so I’m gonna try to keep this simple. We sold out two nights at the Troubadour…It’s where we came to get this thing off the ground. We consider this place like a second home, maybe more of a home more than anywhere,” Jonathan Clay told the crowd during his first sold out night at the historic Los Angeles venue. Clay, along with Zach Chance, make up the Texas bred duo, Jamestown Revival.

Chance and Clay grew up together in Magnolia, Texas, but began their music careers as solo artists. Clay felt something was “missing” in his music. With inspiration from their shared experiences and influences, Clay and Chance formed as a duo in 2011. After living in Austin, the two moved to LA. The two cities are clearly represented in their debut autobiographical album released last February, “Utah.”


Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance

Zach Chance walked on stage with a fur coat, a nod to their opening number “Fur Coat Blues.” While at first glance the act may seem a bit Hollywood-pretentious, after a quick listen to the band’s music, it’s easy to realize the authenticity. The honesty comes from a variety of factors: the heartfelt lyrics, the humility in their showmanship on stage, as well as the intention behind the music. The band creates a perfect blend of honky-tonk, knee slapping country music and rock and roll –Austin meets LA.

Before playing a new song, Clay tells the audience its back story without holding anything back; a woman broke Chance’s heart when she left him for an actor. As any musician would, his response came in song form with lyrics that include,”That’s alright honey, I’ll be fine cause I’ll get over you… I ain’t got time to be lonely.” The switch from that blue grassy knee slap, to a slower, soulful sound, like in this untitled new song and Medicine, is seamless. Clay’s gritty tone paired with Chance’s softer one creates a seemingly perfect harmony, one that is deeply rooted throughout all their music. This, along with heart wrenching, honest songwriting, is what captivates audiences.

The band tells the audience before going into their first single, California (Cast Iron Soul), “I’m looking out here and I’m seeing people that have been coming to see us for a long time… I don’t feel like we deserve you guys, but we are thankful.” If the show proved anything, it’s that Jamestown Revival most definitely “deserves” to be playing to sold out crowds, crowds that will only be increasing in numbers.

Photography by Rosemary Vega. (Click image for full size.)

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