Cee Lo And Big Boi Bring The Grammy Pre-Party To Club Nokia

Cee Lo Green

Friday night’s Cee Lo Green concert at Club Nokia was an all age event, welcoming a diverse crowd to listen to their favorite rappers, Big Boi and Cee Lo, with Grammy-nominated Melanie Fiona as the evening’s MC.

The night began with Big Boi rapping classics like “Bombs Over Baghdad,” “Rosa Parks,” and Outkast’s “ATLiens.” Where most rappers expect their rhymes to carry the entire show, Big Boi brought in a few dancers to liven up his set and busted out some moves of his own.

The rapper wasn’t shy about showing his enthusiasm for his music, and the crowd was urged to sing along to all their best-loved Outkast tracks. Big Boi’s ability to sound just as dynamic with a live band as he does in his album was impressive.

Throughout his hour-long set, Big Boi made quite a few references to his Atlanta roots and he talked about how jealous he was that marijuana is “legal” here in California. He followed up that statement by saying he does not condone drug use. Big Boi ended his half of the show with “Tangerine,” an upbeat and danceable song that included a hula dancer accompanying the lyrics “shake it like a tambourine.”

Cee-Lo had a great artist opening the night for him and he continued the concert with upbeat southern songs, but the sound system in the small space was unable to handle some of his sounds and there was some occasional feedback when Cee Lo started his show.

Cee Lo’s sound was a lot more relaxed after the upbeat tracks that Big Boi played but his tone sounded a lot like a preacher and his high-pitched voice was sometimes difficult to understand. This didn’t seem to bother the audience, who quickly began grooving to his music, and he brought out Melanie Fiona to sing a love song with him.

Towards the end of his set, Cee Lo left the slow love song behind and encouraged people to dance. Many of his beats sounded like they could be theme songs to old spy movies or TV shows, as they were quirky but also fun and easy to dance to. Cee Lo closed the show with two fan favorites “Crazy” and “Forget You.”

Cee Lo and Big Boi knew how to deliver a party at Club Nokia, and the audience were given a great latter half after a slow start to the set.

SLIDESHOW: See pictures of Big Boi and Cee Lo bringing the party to Club Nokia.

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