‘Scream’ Recap: Ghosts


After Will’s brutal death, Emma is traumatized. After seeing her ex boyfriend get sawed in half, Emma can’t sleep and listens to the tape of her father she found in the abandoned bowling alley.

Noah visits Jake at the hospital. Seeing that he’s passed out, Noah gloats about tagging Jake’s car with “Doosh.” Low blow, nerd, even if it’s towards Jake. Once he comes to, Jake asks if everyone made it out. Noah doesn’t lie when he says yes, but Brooke quickly steps in to tell him the sad new about his friend.

After surviving the original attack with Will, and being interestingly absent from the bowling alley fiasco, Piper gives Sheriff Hudson Mayor Maddox’s take. The tape has the same date at Nina and Tyler’s murder- September 30. The sheriff takes all the new information Piper brings seriously, and eventually questions Maddox.

While Emma is trying to pretend she’s okay, Audrey and Noah continue trying to find a way to catch Mr. Branson, since they’re so convinced he’s the killer. While Audrey mentions that other than the malware, all the two have is that he changed his name. Noah quickly noted that Mr. Branson had conveniently been absent from Lakewood during the bowling alley incident. Coincidence? Maybe.

The sheriff begins questioning Mayor Maddox, but he insists that the tape is not what it looks like. Sheriff Hudson allows the mayor to explain himself. After insisting that his wife is in rehab, like he had been saying, Mayor Maddox asks the sheriff if he could have Brooke call her. You know, to prove she’s alive and all that jazz.

Seems as though Sheriff Hudson also has a long list of suspects. He approaches Maggie about Emma’s dad, Kevin. He tells her that he looked up his whereabouts. Apparently, he’d been away from his job at an oil rig for three weeks- right around the time that Maggie was sent a pig’s heart.

Emma sees  no end of people trying to cheer her up at school- from Noah and Audrey, to Kieran, to Piper. While Noah and Audrey insist that she can talk to them, she says, “I just keep replaying what happened.” She means that quite literally. Because of Emma’s shock and lack of sleep, she keeps having hallucinations of Will’s gory body split in two. While at school, she envisions him squeezing a heart to have the blood splatter everywhere. As she runs away, she runs in to Kieran (IRL). He wants to be there for here, but she tells him to go away because the killer is out there, which means he could be a victim at any minute.

While at working at the coffee shop, Emma has a crazy breakdown, and is sent to the hospital. She gets a surprise visit from her none other than her dad. Emma confronts him about his absence. He says he never responds to her letters because with the way things were left between him and Maggie, he felt a clean break would be best. Emma calls out his selfish reasoning. Kevin admits it has taken him a while to sort things out, but that he’s there now. Emma’s not having it though, and tells him he should leave.

Emma begins to regret her actions after Piper goes to see her. Piper earns Emma’s trust by telling her that she’s there as a friend, not for a story (DOUBT IT). Piper offers Emma some good advice about reconnecting with her father: “Second chances are rare, don’t waste them.” Maybe the killer wants Kevin to be around, well, to kill him. Why does Piper want him around so bad? Hm…

Meanwhile, Brooke finally talks to her mom, although her suspicions about her father aren’t completely gone. Just because it wasn’t her mom in the bag… Mayor Maddox reveals that after seeing one her mom’s friends OD, he panicked. Brooke still has a hard time trusting her dad, and leaves him, maybe for good.

If Emma’s dad visiting was good for anything, it was for the flashback it caused: Emma sees her parents the night her dad left, fighting about something she can’t quite figure out. In the fight, Kevin yells about wanting Emma to know the truth, about not wanting to keep a baby. Maggie insists that it was her choice.  Emma runs after her father at the hospital and insists that they weren’t talking about not wanting her, and that there were signs everywhere about it. Emma wakes up in pediatrics, her dad nowhere to be seen. (Which begs the question, was the first time she saw her dad real or not real?)

Noah and Audrey decide to investigate Mr. Branson further, by searching his classroom. They find a knife in the air conditioner unit. They call the sheriff (SMART! FOR ONCE!) after finding out that Mr. Branson is actually Mr. Palmer, a guy who was involved with an 18 year old, that is until she turned up dead. Palmer was a suspect until he disappeared, and became Mr. Branson. The sheriff asks why they were looking into Branson in the first place. Noah freaks about asks, “You think we planted this?” (Chill, a little Noah, you might look suspicious yourself). Noah spills about the malware, how it disappeared, and how he happened to be out of town during all the murders. After finding a cell phone with texts from Riley right before she died, Sheriff Hudson calls for an APB on the creep.

Emma asks Audrey to send her the video from the abandoned hospital. While searching it, she sees an ultrasound with the name “Anderson” written on it. Emma immediately questions her mom about it, and she finally begins telling some REAL truth: When she was 16, Maggie found out that Kevin had cheated on her with her best friend. Maggie went to her friend Brandon for comfort, but ended up sleeping with him. She got pregnant, and moved away for a while to give the baby up with adoption. When she moved back to Lakewood, she reconnected with Kevin.

Emma questions, “What if the child that you gave up, is back?”

Brooke turns to Mr. Branson to release some steam, so to speak. The two are just about to hook up, (DO YOU WANT TO DIE BROOKE?), when Branson says he hears something. As soon as creepy teacher leaves, someone begins messing with Brooke. Obviously, it’s the killer. Brooke begins running for her life, and manages to only get a cut. Poor Mr. Branson shows up right as the cops do. They find him holding a half naked teenager with a pretty bad wound. Dun dun dun.


TOP SUSPECT: From the beginning I had a feeling it was someone related to Brandon. Obviously, suspect number one became Emma’s half sibling, the baby Maggie had with Brandon and gave up for adoption. You know who interestingly had a father who was killed with no explanation? Piper. Could it be? While Mr. Branson certainly seems suspect, I find it a little more suspicious that Noah is pushing so hard for him to be the killer…
NEXT TO DIE: Well, it was almost Brooke this week. Going to stick with that guess for now.

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