‘Hunger Games’ Alum To Appear On Sleepy Hollow

(Photo credit: AmandlaStenberg.com)

“Hunger Games” alum, Amandla Stenberg has been tapped to join Fox’s breakout drama “Sleepy Hollow.”

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Stenberg, who played Rue in the 2012 film, will recur on the show as Orlando Jones’ daughter. Sternberg will play Macey, the teenage daughter of Capt. Frank Irving and his ex wife Cynthia. Macey distances herself from her father after he takes the job as Captain in Sleepy Hollow. Macey will first appear on the Nov. 25 episode. (Stenberg’s character was originally named Mae).

“Fringe” regular John Noble will make his debut for a major recurring role when the show returns after baseball.

“Sleepy Hollow” has proved to be one of the season’s most popular freshman shows. Its premiere retention (when you include DVR viewing) has already surpassed all of last season’s new shows.

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