Get The Look: Gina Rodriguez’s Hair At The Golden Globes

gina rod

We know America Ferrera wants it to be clear that she is NOT Gina Rodriguez, but we bet if she saw Rodriguez’s look at the Golden Globes last night she wouldn’t be as bothered by the mistake.

“Jane the Virgin” star, Rodriguez was one of the looks of the night we could not stop obsessing over. The star stunned in a gorgeous navy off the shoulder Zac Posen gown. Everything about the nominated actress’ look for the night was pure perfection from her glowing skin, sleek hair, and breathtaking dress.

We caught up with celebrity hairstylist Paul Norton, who got Rodriguez’s hair red carpet ready for the big night so he would give us all the details on how he achieved the look. Norton said, it was Gina’s gorgeous dress that inspired him to go for a classic yet retro feel with her hair.

Here’s how to get Gina’s hair look:

image002 (1)

Step 1:
Start by prepping the hair with Joico Power Gel and Joico Heat Set and then blow dry with a GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush size 3 until it is completely dry. Leave each section of hair on the round brush for several seconds after removing the heat so that it will cool in that position and create a round feeling.

Step 2:
Use Joico Iron Clad to protect the strands from the heat and use a hair straightener (optimal temperature is 365 degrees) to ensure the style lasts longer without causing extra damage to hair. Using Iron Clad and the straightener smooth out the hair, focusing on the mid-shaft area so that the roots remain voluminous. Avoid the ends so they keep a gentle bend to them.

Step 3:
Spray Joico Hair Shake, which Norton likes to call his “back comb in a bottle,” at the roots of the hair. Once the Hair Shake is set back comb the root area around the crown as well as the majority of the back area of the head.

Step 4:
Use a straightener to smooth the front center area of the hair back away from the face. Follow up with Joico’s Crème Wax Texture and Shine to help control the back combed hair and confine it to the center area at the crown of the head. Allow the two areas on each side around the temple to hang freely for a more retro shape.

Step 5:
Use a curling iron to curl the three bottom inches of the hair away from your face. Once done curling use your fingers and rake through your hair to soften the curls and spraye ends with Joico Flip Turn Hair Spray.

Step 6:
Lastly, to finalize the look use Joico Flip Turn to eliminate any fly-aways. If all goes well you’ll be able to keep your hair camera ready like  Gina’s for your big night.


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