Get The Look: Priyanka Chopra’s Hair At The People’s Choice Awards


The People’s Choice Awards are all about celebrating our favorite actors in television and it’s nice for us to get a bit of a say during awards season, but with all the trophies getting thrown around we didn’t want to forget our faves in the fashion and beauty department.

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra exploded onto the scene this year with her breakout hit “Quantico,” capturing American viewers with her stunning looks, and incredible acting chops in her first major US debut. We love her so much, she was awarded a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Actress In A New TV Series. Chopra is the first South Asian actress to ever to win a People’s Choice Award making this win even more of an accolade.

There’s no doubt that Chopra is a breakout star that everyone should be paying attention to both on and off the screen. The actress’ win was well deserved, but what we really noticed how stunning she looked for the evening’s festivities. Since we couldn’t get enough of her look we talked to the genius behind her beautiful locks, celebrity hairstylist Castillo, to get the details on how to recreate the sleek modern updo.

Castillo broke down the look into five easy steps:

Step 1:
Start with damp hair and with a generous amount of Joico’s Heat Set Cream coat the hair from root to ends. Use two golf ball sized amounts of Joiwhip and massage into the roots and the ends of hair. Brush with a wet brush to fully coat each strand and to detangle any hair before you blow dry.

Step 2:

Divide hair into four sections: top, left side, right side, and back. Blow dry hair with a round brush and set. Then brush out each section and spray with Joico’s Iron Clad follow this step with a brush through of the hair again.

Step 3:
With a 1 1/2 inch curling iron take 1 inch sections and curl in alternating directions. Leave each coil loose while cooling off. Repeat until the entire head is done. Once you’ve finished, spray Joico’s Refresh Dry Shampoo at the roots and ends. Then brush out the curls.

Step 4:
Now we will be creating the updo, which Castillo calls the knotted Mohawk updo. You will create 4-5 sections starting from the front of your head going back. Each section will come from both sides of the head and will meet in the middle. Pull a 2 inch section from the opposite side of the head and create a knot by tying the two sections. Pin at the base and at the ends

Step 5:
Continue working your way back and lining up each knot as you go back. It should look like a Mohawk braided updo when you’ve finished. Once you’ve finished make sure to personalize your look by pulling pieces to create a loose carefree vibe or fixing pieces to create a more sleek and chic vibe. Seal in the look for the night with some Joico’s Flip Turn Spray.

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