Adele’s ‘Hello’ Video Breaks Vevo Record For Most Views In 24 Hours


There’s been a big void in our hearts, yearning for sappy love songs by a British lady with a large voice, and after a four year hiatus, Adele just came back to fill it. Though you may not have realized you needed a good cry this week, Adele’s recording breaking music video debut for her latest single “Hello,” proves we were missing all the feels.

Adele’s first music video in four years smashed records at, garnering more than 27 million views in the first 24 hours of its release.

Vevo representatives said on Monday that the video, which debuted exclusively on its site on Friday, beat the previous record holder, Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video by more than seven million views. Swift’s video was seen 20 million times in the first 24 hours after its release in May.

And dethroning Taylor Swift from her position wasn’t the video’s only achievement. “Hello” is also the first music video to be partially shot using IMAX cameras. Director Xavier Dolan talked about how he used the cameras in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“The shots on IMAX are two shots: mostly the finale on that pond, and there’s the shot of her opening her eyes. I love an introduction like that,” Dolan said. “It just seemed nice: she had been gone for three or four years. So she’s settling in and taking all of those curtains and sheets off, ripping them down from the walls. It’s like Adele coming back home.”

“Hello” went viral within hours of its release and as of today has been viewed more than 73 million times. It is the first single from Adele’s upcoming November album, “25, the first since “21” won six Grammy awards and sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. We were talking about internet sensations though, and the video still has a ways to go if Adele wants to unseat Swift’s other big Vevo record. “Blank Space” was recently named the all-time most-viewed video on Vevo, with 1.2 billion views and counting. It remains to be seen whether “Hello” will make it to the next Vevo milestone, but as a whole the song is doing extremely well.

While figures for early downloads of the heartfelt ballad probably won’t be available until next week, music website said digital sales could also break records.

Billboard reported that some music industry sources estimated that “Hello” sold about 450,000 in its first two days on sale, and could top the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts next week.


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