Grammys 2016: Best And Worst Moments

kendrick-lamar-grammys-performance-2016-10 copy

The 2016 Grammys have wrapped and chances are you’ve already forgotten most of what went down on music’s biggest night. Yes, award shows in general are a bit of a bore, but this year’s Grammys seemed to go to great lengths to put viewers to sleep, spreading out a very small number of awards between a vast wasteland of performances that were only occasionally interesting.

You know it was a shaky production when the canceled performances get more buzz than the people who actually made it to the stage (did Rihanna really have bronchitis, we’ll never know). But, even though the show doubled as a natural form of Ambien, there were a few moments that did stand out.  The sheer star power of the event assured there would be at least a couple of show-stopping performances, and artists like Kendrick Lamar and Alabama Shakes delivered. There were also a few performances that should have been great, but instead stood because of poor audio or odd musical pairings.

Here are the moments we’ll remember the clearest — for better and worse.

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