The Voice – “The Playoffs”


Last night on The Voice began the live “Play-offs” round with Team Adam and Team Blake. Each team will go down from 5 to 3, with the coaches picking 1person and America voting for their favorite two. Christina and Cee-lo’s teams will compete tomorrow night (Wednesday the 7th).

The show started with Team Adam and Team Blake competitors singing “Piece of Mind.” Why these group melodies on singing competition shows exist, I don’t know. And truthfully I fast forwarded through it…

First up was Joselyn Rivera from Team Adam. She sang Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart a Break.” Did anyone else notice some weird pronunciations (“first time I met ya-oo”)? Solid performance, coaches liked it. Nothing too memorable for me.

Terry McDermott from Team Blake was up next singing “Don’t Stop Believing.” Terry’s “effortless” singing won over the judges. While Terry does have a really beautiful voice, his stage presence was a little lackluster.

Melanie Martinez took on Ray Charles’ “Hit the Road Jack.” I love love love this girls voice; so unique and original. But I think I agree with Christina Aguilera’s not so subtle disproval of song choice. While yes, I love that Melanie took a risk in realizing her artistic vision, I love the original too much. I think she’s so likable though, and feel she’ll go on to the Top 12.

Liz Davis chose “Independence Day” by Martina McBride. Good voice, good performance. Again, nothing memorable other than the fact that she’s the only country singer on the show.

Cassadee Pope sang “My Happy Ending” by Avril Lavigne. She’s one of my favorites in this competition (probably because I listened to Hey Monday). While I don’t like the song she chose, I’m glad she twisted it around a bit to make it her own. Yeah, there were a few pitch problems (and obviously Christina pointed them out), but the performance was fun. Cassadee is another person I think will make it to the Top 12.

Bryan Keith picked “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls. This guys voice is made to sing heart warming ballads that will make girls swoon. I loved the second verse where the rasp came through more. I think (hope) Bryan will be in the Top 12 as well.

McKayla Paige went up next with “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees. Cee-Lo called this the best performance of the night. Blake echoed that sentiment. This girl has a great voice, but something doesn’t resonate with me about her. There’s nothing making me want to vote for her. And I’ll admit maybe that’s because I prefer Cassadee and I feel like only one “pop rocker” will make it though.

Julio Castillo performed “El Rey.” Blake was worried about Julio’s ability to convey emotion with a song that many people won’t understand. I actually think Julio was able to connect with this song much more than when he sang Justin Bieber’s “Somebody to Love.” Julio got a well deserved standing ovation.

Loren Allred sang “All Around the World.” Adam expressed our thoughts exactly; the last 45 seconds of her performance were incredible. Everything else… was rather dull.

Amanda Brown ended the night with “Dream On.” Hands down, best performance of the night. Adam and Blake stood up to give her a standing ovation. Really, there’s nothing much more to say. Her voice is incredible, her performance was great. SO GOOD.

My prediction is that for Team Adam Joselyn and Loren will be going home. For Team Blake, I think it’ll be Terry and Liz going home.

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