The Technicolors: Our music is “Sneaky.”


Troy Lowney, Brennan Smiley and Mike (Nico) Nicolette. Photo by Rosemary Vega.

At the beginning of April, the Technicolors released a brand new EP, “Ultraviolet Disguise,” their first with 8123. “It’s just sneaky, you can’t really pull that apart. It kinda makes you want to be sneaky,” Brennan Smiley, vocalist and guitarist, described of their sound.

The band has been touring with fellow Arizona natives, The Maine on their American Candy tour, which began around the time of the EP’s release. The tour’s last date is tonight in Florida, but we had the chance to talk with The Technicolors just days into the tour. See what Brennan, Mike “Nico” Nicolette (Bass), and Troy Lowney (Bass) had to say about their music and touring in the video below.

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