‘Scream’ Recap: Revelations

Emma and Maggie Episode 110

The Lakewood killer was finally revealed on Tuesday, and our theory on his, or her, identity may or may not have been completely right (definitely 100% right).

We last left Emma at the school Halloween dance, where monitors turned on to show a bloodied and bound Sheriff Hudson. Maggie fills Emma in on Mr. Branson’s escape, which the police believe looks too staged (duh). Piper shows up to make sure Maggie and Emma are okay. After offering to go to the police station to find out more about what’s going on, she eerily tells Emma not to trust anyone. She forgot to mention that that includes her, but anyway…

We then find Kieran sulking in his car about Emma not trusting him. He loads some bullets into a gun and ignores Emma’s call, because MTV wants us to think he might be the murderer, but we know better. After trying to call Kieran to tell him about his dad, Emma goes to Noah. The two quickly realize that Audrey and Brooke aren’t at the dance. Emma tries to contact them to let them know what’s going on, but it’s no use. The killer hacked everyone’s phones to cut out communication.

But of course the killer can still reach Emma. The masked murderer promises Emma the “finale” will be gut wrenching, (which it literally is). Unless Emma puts the pieces together quickly, the murderer is going to break Daisy’s heart, which obviously means killing Clark Hudson.

Maggie goes to the station, and discovers the cop that was killed during Branson’s escape had a locket jammed down this throat, a locket that Brandon had made for Daisy. Emma suggests Sheriff Hudson might be where Brandon used to leave Daisy gifts.

Meanwhile, completely unaware of everything that’s happening, Audrey goes to Brooke’s party. Audrey fills Brooke in on her suspicions about Kieran, to which Brooke replied, “Kieran can’t be the killer; He’s too pretty.” Thank you Brooke for stating what we’ve been thinking all along!

Emma was right about Sheriff Hudson’s location. Maggie and Emma find the sheriff tied to the tree where Brandon used to leave gifts for Daisy. Maggie rushes to help him and untie him, not knowing that the rope was keeping his insides, well, in. As she unties him, his guts pour out, leaving his death equally disgusting and like the killer promised, gut wrenching.

Piper of course shows up to report on the death, and tells Emma she wants to help in any way she can. She offers to go to Brooke’s to check on her. Thinking her friends would be safe with Piper’s check up, Emma goes to the police station with her mom. Noah call her to tell her what he’s discovered: malware has cut everyone off from each other, but he located where it’s coming from. 1221 Sparrow Drive, which Emma quickly realizes is Brooke’s house (who memorizes people’s addresses?). Emma immediately gets a text saying, “No cops, or they will all be headline news.”

Noah and Emma decide to go to Brooke’s themselves. Noah goes off on one of his slasher movie rants, saying the the killer is going to murder all of Emma’s friends one by one until it’s just her left. He tells her, “…you’re the survivor girl, which make me the know it all sidekick. Aw crap I’m going to die.” Emma reassures him, “Tonight, we change the ending.”

While all this happening, Brooke gets jealous over Jake when she sees him making out with some girl. Two can play that game though, so she grabs a random guy to make out with. Brooke’s game worked, and Jake quickly follows her inside the house. He admits that he was spying on her, but that he was looking out for her. He had seen that the spyware was deleted and then put back on the computer, so he was trying to figure out who did it.

Outside, the drunk girl Jake was making out with begins to look for him. Instead of finding Jake, she find a dead guy in a closet- the same random guy Brooke kissed. Understandably so, the girl shrieks and everyone runs away as they see the dead body. Audrey goes toward the body, only to be met with the killer. Audrey taunts the killer as she’s held with a knife to her, “What are you waiting for?”

Brooke comes back outside to an empty house, but instead of thinking something was wrong, she cried, “They ditched me!” She hears a noise and runs back inside. Branson shows up and tries to explain to Brooke that he was set up. Of course he was! The killer stabbed the cop and let Branson out, but he has no idea who it was. He pours his heart out to her, saying that she’s special, what they have is special, etc etc. (Eye roll, eye roll). The lights suddenly cut out and Branson disappears as the Brandon James mask appears.

Brooke runs and hides in the freezer, because that’s smart. The killer locks her in and starts stabbing the freezer. She gets hit a few times, and just when she thought it was over, the killer plugs in the freezer.

Emma and Noah show up to Brooke’s and find Kieran holding up a gun. Emma and Noah don’t try to hide their distrust, not even a little. Emma tells Kieran what Piper told her about him visiting Brandon’s mom, and his reaction is much like ours was, “And you believer her??” Kieran defends himself and assures them that Clark Hudson is his dad, 100%. Emma breaks the news to Kieran about his dad. He yells at Emma, “And you still think that this psychopath is me?!”

This convinces Emma and Noah, and the three go inside Brooke’s to find her and Audrey. Jake eventually shows up, startling Kieran and Emma. He runs straight to the freezer after telling the gang that he had heard banging coming from the garage. The rescue Brooke, who is somehow still alive, just very cold, and Jake assures her, “I’ll keep you safe.”

Noah finds Audrey, who miraculously was spared by the killer. He wonders why the killer let her get away (I smell some foreshadowing…). Emma goes to look for the land line to call for help since their phones aren’t working. But she gets a call instead. I wonder who it could be!

The murderer tells her, ” “It’s not just you that I want… can’t have one without the other.” Emma understands what he means- the murderer has her mom. Because Emma is a super genius and figures out clues like Sherlock Holmes, she knows her mom is at the dock where Brandon James was killed.

Emma runs to the dock alone, after the murderer warned her not to bring anyone, where surprise! she does find her mom. It doesn’t take long for the murderer to show up. And finally, the murderer reveals himself- except its a girl, and it’s… PIPER.

“Hey sis,” she says to Emma. The dad that Piper had told Emma about was in fact, Brandon James. She admits that she wants revenge for Maggie’s mistakes- including hurting Emma any way she could. She then fills them in about her plan to frame Branson, who is tied up in her car.

Emma tries to attack Piper, but fails. Maggie, who had been tied up, escapes from her chair and tries to help Emma. The three start fighting for control. When it seems like Piper might actually kill Maggie and Emma, she gets shot instead. She falls into the water, just like her dad did, and we see that Audrey, who saw Emma running into the woods, was the one that fired the gun. But the shot didn’t kill her, and she tries to come back on the dock. Emma grabs the gun, and shoots her in the face like a bad ass.

All seems perfect the next morning. Noah takes over Piper’s podcast, Kieran and Emma make up, Brooke and Jake seem cuddly and lovey, and Branson is free. But is all really fine in Lakewood? The season ends with Audrey looking at letters from Piper and stolen papers from the Lakewood Municipal Building. We guessed that whoever the killer was, was likely not working alone. Was Audrey helping Piper? Was her “saving” Emma part of the plan all along or did she feel regret?

We’ll have to wait until next season to find out!

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