RECAP: Demi’s Turn to Take on The Four Chair Challenge


On last nights X Factor, Demi continued her Four Chair Challenge round. The first four contestants all made it to a seat on Wednesday’s episode- Bree Randall, Khaya Cohen, Jamie Paneda, and Ashly Williams.

Simone Torres was up first and sang, as the theme from the previous night progressed into this one, a weird version of “A Change is Going to Come,” which Simon said was “karaoke.” Demi told her she wasn’t sure she saw a star, but told her to take a seat anyway. Leaving the show, with no surprise, was Bree Randall.

Nerdy shy girl Danielle Greimer, who claimed that being a neurosurgeon was her backup plan (oh, okay), sang an astonishing version of “Georgia on My Mind.” Her vocals left me, and I’m sure tons of others, with goose bumps, as she proved she’s a force to be reckoned with. The way she lets go of her shy girl demeanor as she hits the stage  is pretty incredible. With all the judges in awe, she easily took Simone Torres’ seat.

Rhiley Brown delivered a painfully dull, country performance of Robbie Williams’ “Angels.” Simon, not holding his opinions back (finally), said that everything about that performance looked as if it were chosen by her mother. Demi said it was “pageanty,” and sent her home.

Next up, Primrose Martin., who, like Allison Davis, proved that choosing the top 40 based on one performance was a bad move. Primrose gathered boos from the audience before she even finished “Blame it on the Boogie.” The look on the judges faces, if you couldn’t tell by your hurting ears, said it all. Simon was the most harsh of the judges saying, “…that was beyond awful…the longest minute-and-a-half of my life.” She tried to sway Demi by singing a cappella, but Demi quickly said she came off way “too confident.” Looks like the odd were not in Primrose’s favor here (Get it?)….

Rion Paige, who doesn’t let her hand disfigurement slow her down, sang Rascal Flatt’s “I Won’t Let Go.” Although the performance won the judges over, I was bored. But people love a sob-story, and Rion will surely be this season’s. Demi had the tough task of figuring out who to send home in order to give Rion a seat. But a decision was made, and Ashly William’s was surprisingly sent sent home. In my opinion, it should have been Jamie.

Ellona Santiago, who is eerily reminiscent of American Idol’s Jessica Sanchez (although, not as polished), sang a stripped down “Clarity” by Zedd. The performance led to Simon claiming her voice was the best in the competition, but Demi was not as convinced saying there was something missing. Regardless, Demi decided to keep Ellona, and let go of Jamie. Had Pineda been sent home instead of Ashly, I would have switched Ellona with Rion. Bad calls on Demi’s part.

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