RECAP: X Factor Contestants Fail To Impress In Their Second Chances


After the graphics error on Wednesday night’s show, all the X Factor contestants were given 24 hours notice to prepare a song for last night’s episode. The contestants were given a second chance to perform, with audiences voting again last night. Nobody will be sent home this week, but two next week; one on Wednesday, and the other back on regular schedule to be eliminated on Thursday. Some contestants proved themselves under pressure, while others fell flat, and some stayed the same. One thing was very obvious, the show is full of unnecessary filler. Yes, the judges were a little rushed in their critiques, but who really cares about what anyone but Simon Cowell has to say?

The contestants performed in the same order as Wednesday’s show to remain fair. So again, first up was Josh Levi. The second chance performance was a saving grace for him, as he performed far better in the second go-around. He sang Rihanna’s “Stay,” and although he sounded great, was a bit boring. Simon believed it was “a winning performance.”

Rachel Potter also redeemed herself from the previous night with Martina McBride’s “Anyway.” While the song choice was safe, she sounded great, and she earned herself a backhanded compliment from Simon who remarked that she must have a twin sister since she was “incredible” but the night before was “horrible.”

Carlos Guevara stayed consistent from the previous night, and not in a good way. Carlos failed to impress on Wednesday with “What’s Going On,” and failed miserable last night, as well. He sang Damien Rice’s “Cannonball” which proved to be an awful song choice as his voice cracked the entire time. Paulina Rubio said, “This performance has been the most amazing performance.” Why give him false hope Paulina? Carlos is definitely in danger of going home next Wednesday.

Simon’s latest money making wet dream, Restless Road, delivered an okay rendition of Jason Aldean’s “Don’t You Wanna Stay?” The trio, again, had some pitch and harmony problems, but that probably won’t matter since the girls clearly love them already. Demi Lovato believed this performance was better than the previous nights. Doesn’t really matter, these guys will be safe.

Seventeen-year-old Ellona Santiago slowed down David Guetta’s “Titanium” for a more intimate performance. Some notes fell flat, while others impressed. The judges believed it was her best. As far as her vocals go, I agree. She was able to focus on her singing rather than her dancing, which left her looking dull on stage.

Jeff Gutt sang Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” He sounded just fine, but the song choice might hurt him. The song dates him, which could make his performances come off as boring. Simon told him he needs to work on his phrasing, and that parts came off as “corny” because of it.
Alex and Sierra performed an “immaculate,” as Simon called it, cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love.” As per usual, the duo gave the song their own little twist which allowed their voices to just wow us. With their good looks, chemistry, and beautiful, beautiful voices, these guys have become my favorites, even with their sometimes annoying lovey-dovey performances.

Khaya proved to also be exquisite with song choices as she stuck to what she does best with Duffy’s “Distant Dreamer.” Her voice is by far the best in the competition, but she still lacks something when it comes to connecting with the audience.

Poor Carlito Olivero. He had a mediocre night on Wednesday, but things went downhill on Thursday. Carlito picked an ambitious song, Daniel Bedingfield’s “If You’re Not the One.” The performance was a disaster as Carlito failed to reach the falsettos and even bailed completely on one. It’s a bit confusing as to why he would pick this song if he knew he couldn’t hit the notes. Simon asked if he was sick, which mentor Paulina confirmed. But, who knows. While I don’t think he’ll go home just yet, Carlito probably won’t stick around for very long.

Lillie McCloud sang Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever.” This was Lillie’s worst performance. She was a bit off on her vocals, and her performance was a bit awkward. Regardless, she still proved she’s more talented than most of the contestants on the show. She’ll probably keep getting flack from Simon about being outdated, but there’s a market for that somewhere, right? Where’s Susan Boyle at?

Sweet Suspense was also a flop last night with “That Should Be Me,” by Justin Bieber. What happened to the girls from yesterday? The harmonies were off. There were some nice moments, and each individual has a decent voice. Maybe those backup vocals were more prominent Wednesday night than they should have been, and swallowed up their off key harmonies? Simon was obviously disappointed in the performance, saying, “That was a very difficult song to sing. I want everyone to remember the performances from the last two weeks.” In other words, that sucked.

Tearjerker moment of the night went to Rion Paige who sang a slowed down “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. Not only did this performance showcase Rion’s vocals, but proved how smart she is. The song choice was brilliant for her. Demi told her, “I saw the same Rion I saw in the beginning,” and Simon chimed in, “Let this girl choose her songs from now on.”

Tim Olstad ended things on a sorry note once again. He sang a very predictable, very boring version of “I Believe I Can Fly.” To try to improve his stage presence he let out a “woo” in the middle of the song, which led Simon to simply critique, “You can’t do woo in the middle of the song.”

My prediction: Tim will go home, which is a shame since he does have a nice voice. He just wasn’t able to find his place.


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