RECAP: The Tomorrow People ‘Limbo’

Pictured (L-R): Madeleine Mantock as Astrid Finch and Robbie Amell as Stephen Jameson -- 
Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

This week’s episode stirred up a whole lot of drama, and created a definite love triangle between Cara, Stephen and John. After weeks of origin stories and intrigue about the power structure at Ultra, this episode was almost entirely about teenage drama. So are you team Stephen or team John?

The show opens up with this week’s latest breakout, who, unlike the typical “Tomorrow People” breakouts, isn’t an innocent bystander. He turns out to be responsible for several attacks on innocent women.

The morning after Stephen and Cara’s hot night together is far from the romantic happily ever after Stephen expected. Cara instead is cold and not receptive to Stephen and quickly teleports out of the hotel room back home where she runs into John instantly. John brings her a stuffed animal as a peace offering from Russell and his trip. Things go straight to business as they learn about the recent breakout, a man who’s been using his  powers to get away with late night attacks on women. When John suggests Cara use telepathy to contact Stephen to help with the case it’s very clear by her weird response something happened while John was away.

Back at Ultra, Stephen is feeling not so welcomed as the rest of the agents blame him for Darcy’s death. Stephen already feeling down on himself decides to take some time off from Ultra with his Uncle Jedikiah’s permission. While at a Chinese restaurant dealing with his worries, Stephen is caught off guard when John joins him. Stephen spends the whole conversation being a little weird considering he knows what happened while John was away.

Astrid suggests Stephen have a little fun with his power, which is exactly what he does during a gym class basketball game he wins with a little unfair advantage. The win ends with the coach volunteering Stephen to be a replacement on the school basketball team.

John has an honest talk with Cara — apologizing again about not telling her he could kill. He ends the conversation telling her — in his way — he loves her and wants to work through things.

After teleporting home with Astrid, Stephen and her go up to his room where they find Cara waiting. Astrid, clearly seeing that the two have some things to discuss, leaves. Cara tells Stephen they need him back at Ultra so they can track down the breakout, but he changes the topic to what happened between them. Cara teleports out avoiding the drama of it all.

Stephen hosts the basketball pregame party, which gets wild, especially when Astrid catches him making out with a girl in his room. Things go from bad to worse when Stephen reads Astrid’s mind and finds out she’s in love with him. When she realizes this, she storms out.

Cara finally comes clean to John about what happened while he was away and he is justifiably hurt. Russell and them go after the breakout and prevent him from getting away with another attack. Meanwhile, Stephen’s night continues to go from bad to worse when his uncle puts a bracelet on him that takes away his powers.

Stephen is relieved when John offers to help him during his basketball game not knowing he knows about the Cara situation. John has a great time helping Stephen win while simultaneously making him look like a fool. The two have it out after the game and Cara has to break up the fight.

After the fight Stephen figures out the breakout takes his victims to the sewer so he goes after him despite being powerless. Without his powers Stephen is unable to fight the breakout, but somehow manages to telepathically connect with Cara. John, Russell  and Cara come just as the breakout pushes unconscious Stephen into the sewer water system. While unconscious, Stephen sees his dad, who urges him to go back and lead the Tomorrow People. His dad also mentions Thanatos what could this mean? John pulls Stephen out and saves him.

Stephen brings the breakout back to Jedikiah at Ultra and gets his powers back. Cara and John have an honest conversation where John tells her Stephen is in love with her. Cara admits there is something between her and Stephen, but tells John she’ll lie to him to keep the peace. She also tells John she loves him too and he responds saying that’s all that matters.

The episode ends with Stephen making amends with his best friend Astrid, where she tells him that despite what Cara is saying she has feelings for him too. Stephen makes one last appeal to Cara telling her he knows they’re the end game and are connected. John comes in, which is when Stephen tells them he saw his dad and they need to save him.



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